Ariana Grande Kissy Face Recording

Musical icon ariana-kissy-faceAriana Grande posed with a kissy face along with manager Scooter Braun who posted: ‘These two ladies have two of the most anticipated new albums of this year. @torikelly and @arianagrande. Incredible talents and beauty. I’ve heard some of the new music. You have no idea!’

  • anonymous

    scott should go back to randomly finding talent on youtube he’ll have more success that way

    • Ash

      He’ll just ditch whoever he finds on YouTube again like he did with Justin though. He’s too far up Ariana’s ass to even pay attention to Justin anymore. Which is funny because even with all of the time spent on Ariana’s first album, every single song sounded the exact same. She needs to change up her sound and stop singing about literally just love or she’s going to flop.

  • FuckHarry

    Tori Kelly has a very nice voice I wish her lots of luck.

  • WatchOut

    Ariana has an amazing voice but her songs are boring and she is fake.
    tori is really talented. I love her EP. But she needs to learn to entertain. Just her and a guitar will not work. she is no ed sheeran.
    did he drop Justin?

    • Sinnamin

      tori Kelly.. talented and you love her EP. but she needs to entertain? what? like miley?
      hey OU you could mention Tori in the pic
      why you so afraid to post about her?

      • WatchOut

        she is an amazing artist and songwriter. She has a lot of talent and I am really impressed that she produced the EP. I really love her EP but watching the videos on youtube from live shows is a bit boring.
        I mean I cannot see her in an arena and just stand there, sing and play the guitare.
        Please we do not need an other Miley. I don’t know she has to find a way to connect with the audience.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    And none for Gretchen Bieber bye

  • A

    idk im bored with her now

  • boystan

    dat make up