Austin Mahone New York City Meeting

Austin Mahoneperforming on Good Morning America. From @jami4eva @danielle_sayz @jameslardizzone @nycnolita and @outracheous_: My friends and I got to meet Austin a lot these past few days!

He was so sweet every time, but he could be a little bit shy. It was so nice for most of us to finally get the chance to meet him! I even talked to him about how cool his shoes were yesterday morning. These pictures below are our best ones, we can’t wait for him to come back to NYC. Thanks again Austin!

Below in the thumbnail, Austin wears glasses for his guest role in ‘The Millers’ to air this spring. Via MTV. Austin is going to sing during the episode ‘Bahama Mama’, playing the teen version of Adam (Nelson Franklin) in a flashback scene. The adult version of Adam is Arnett’s brother-in-law on show.

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