Miley covers Arctic Monkey’s ‘Why You Only Call Me When You’re High’.

  • Sara

    WOW. Flawless.

  • Guest

    Obviously the original is better (because Alex Turner’s voice is so specific and tuned to the song), but god damn the end of this cover is incredible. Miley actually has a really great voice, I just wish she wouldn’t waste it on shit songs.

  • :)

    wow, she did great!! i love arctic monkeys, i approve this cover.

  • cerenagee

    Ooohh not feeling this at all. She had her good moments fersure but she was trying to do too much with her voice and IMHO it was just kind of all over the place.

  • I absolutely love it!

  • boystan

    i’ve heard of them but not their songs. are they good?

  • thecat61

    Nice cover.

  • Emmy

    Video got taken down, but I was shocked this happened because I’m one of the biggest Arctic Monkeys fans on the planet – own every single song and album ever released.