Miley ‘I Have Attention Deficit Disorder’

Miley Ray Cyrus, who has struggled with tachycardia most of her life, revealed to E! News that she has the mental illness ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder): ‘We have so many awesome designers working on everything. We have Jeremy Scott and The Blonds, and Cavalli made some really cool pieces. So many designers that have worked so hard.. and Kenzo, amazing pieces!

It’s funny, because I have ADD, obviously, and I get really bored otherwise, and even though you would think, you know, doing a show you wouldn’t get bored, but you get so used to doing it. So I’ve made so many extra costumes and extra set lists so I don’t have to do the same thing everyday. Otherwise I’m going to hate touring.

Miley on being the new Madonna: ‘I hope I’m next to the young one, the up and comer in the whatever it is. I want to always embrace new artists. I want to continue to evolve with the artists. That’s what’s so cool about Madonna doing that. Not looking at me as someone that just looks at her and tries, because I’m not trying to replicate her or be her. We’re standing for a similar freedom.

About encouraging women to embrace their sexual freedom.. It’s even easier for me than it was for Madonna. So I think it’s going to get easier and easier as generations go on. Women are gonna be more accepted to be free and embrace sexuality. Hopefully I can be there to kind of encourage that for the artists of the time in 20 years.’ MORE interviews under!

She’s the kind of person that you can do whatever you want once you’re on the stage. It’s fun to be onstage with someone who is fearless. You don’t have to think, ‘Oh, should I do this? or ‘Are they not going to like that?’ or..

‘Are their people going to be mad if I do that?” It’s nice when you work with someone who, like myself, doesn’t really have anyone that you have to answer to, so it was really good being able to do that with her.’

  • Jake

    If I’m judging her by solely her music, she’s alright. I mean, I’ve heard better, but I’ve definitely heard worse. But whether it’s her overly husky voice, her stupid actions, her immature statements, or her general unnecessary sexual displays… she’s just so… unlikable.

    • thecat61

      She’s an artist and she’s being herself in this moment, so how can you ask her not to be — Jennifer Lopez.

  • HolyGround

    I feel like I’ve heard her mention it so many time before and every time it seems like she’s looking for some kind of sympathy, or for people to think she’s cool since she’s always on the move? And for that bit about women embracing their sexuality, when I look at Miley I don’t see someone advocating that, I see someone doing it just to sell their records.

  • anonymous

    elaborate hero story she’s made. but she should just stop taking drugs, being ridiculous, and try to get a less stressful lifestyle

  • dany

    oh God I really wanna find this articule if everyone knows? I read somewhere that this guy “who discovered” ADD actually said before dying that it was all his invention, and that he wanted to say all this because he felt guilty because there are many kids medicated and they probably were just hyperactive kids and that they this meds had terrible consecuences on their bodies in the future….

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      The guy they call “father of ADHD” Leon Eisenberg

      • dany


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She said she had ADHD on Leno..

    And if some of you don’t know, yes it’s different from ADD (in a sense).

    • anonymous

      add is a type of adhd

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        I know it’s a type but there is a difference.

  • threelittlebirds

    i feel like everyone has some form of ADD/ADHD, but just choose to take meds for it to prove themselves that they have it. i don’t know…

  • boystan

    bye you’re not the new madoner