Demi Lovato ‘God Said I’d Be A Hero’

Demi Lovato‘s FULL interview with Guilian Rancic. A woman speaking in tongue’s told Demi that she would be a ‘hero to thousands of people’. She also talks about meeting BFF on Barney and Joe Jonas not having sex with her because she wasn’t 18.


  • misssterry

    i actually had no idea the Jo Bros were actually really religious if Joe didn’t wanna have sex with her b/c she wasn’t 18… props to their parents cuz i know plenty of guys who would’ve been hit those no matter what her age is

    • Anon

      Prob because he was a virgin

      • Clauber

        Or maybe he doesnt like Demi, (and other girls)…. right? @Oceanup

  • H

    Lol but that didn’t stop her from dating someone older than her with like 11 yrs not to mention she dated trace Cyrus when she was 16 and he was definitely older

  • Anon

    God said id be a hero?! More like god said id be a crack head bitch who keep snorting cocaine and gets praised for it

    • misssterry

      we always praise celebrities whether it’s good or bad. deal with it.

      • AnonAnon

        No no really not all celebreties
        I don’t see people praising Miley for what she did in the vmas

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Her fans and even some celebrities did.

        • .

          she said they get praised good or BAD. miley is always praised

    • roxanneXD


  • Anon

    Nick dates Miley = loses virginity to the next guy Liam

    Selena dates Nick = loses v card to next guy Justin

    Demi dates Joe = has sex with next guy

    • Anon

      Forgot to say Wilmer

    • anon

      Miley dated Justing Gaston after Nick

  • Duckyhoward15

    Yeah and we should believe that right ?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Amen, Demi. There’s no clean nor easy route when walking with God so keep going.

  • anonymous

    and now she’s wilmer’s hoe

  • Anon

    Joe didn’t have sex with Demi and now he never will. So sad for him. Wilmer is now sitting in the throne.

    • Anon

      Lol who would want to have sex with her ugly ass thou and Wilmer is ugly too they’re a good couple

      • Anon

        All of the band dudes she was with wanted to have sex with her. Wilmer is attractive, but lately I’m not feeling him. He needs a shave

      • Honey

        you must live a sad life. you’re so obsessed with Demi it’s not even funny.

        • AnonLana

          Who the fuck is obsessed with Demi sweetie?! Lol idgaf about Demi I’m jus saying that Demi is fuckin ugly

  • Jake

    I hate the way she talks. She sounds like a Kardashian. And I hate how she wants to be known for her music, but she keeps talking about her issues more than the music. Don’t get me wrong: I love her. Been a fan since Camp Rock and I own and know all her albums, but she’s not making music for her love of it. She’s making music to win awards or get radio play. I know she’s been through shit, but she’s making her problems the only thing people associate her for, and her voice is too good to be belittled like that. And the albums she’s making when she’s not talking about her issues are blatant attempts to be perceived as a pop star, and not being an artist. At her music peak, the best album she did was “Here We Go Again.” Where “Don’t Forget” was too Jonas-inspired, “Unbroken” was trying to be R&B to show off her voice after rehab, instead of singing what she felt. And “DEMI” is just a bunch of poppy mess which is reaching so hard to get in the top 40. For someone who is so intent on being recovered, she’s still so insecure and cares way too much about what others think. We get that you had a rough start. We get that you don’t want to talk about Wilmer. We get that you have faith. Stop playing the victim AND the savior and just be the girl a million girls fell in love with you in the first place saw. Like Miley, she is in her own way.

    • anon

      i agree to a point. Here We Go Again was her best album, Demi’s voice is absolutley amazing with that pop-rock twist. She should go back to that in some way, at least a few songs. Got Dynamite and Remember December are great with her voice.

  • boystan

    since when is she a hardcore christian

    • Redneckatheart

      Addicts tend to become more religious after rehab. They attribute their sobriety to Gods doing and not their own will to get clean. My sisters been in rehab 6 times and every time she comes out she is uber religious till she starts using again.

      • cerenagee

        So true. They either become very religious or hardcore gym rats. It’s like they trade one addiction for another.

        • Redneckatheart

          That’s exactly what they do