Harry Styles Headband To Stop Balding

harry-styles-headband-baldingHarry Styles wears a headband to prevent balding, reports Daily Star. Source: ‘Harry started noticing his receding hairline a while back. At first he didn’t take much notice but he’s now started to get paranoid about it.

Harry’s dad keeps joking that he’s going to end up completely bald and it’s really worrying him. It was a bit of a joke at first but even Harry can no longer deny his hair is going backwards.’ Do YOU think Harry would still be hot without his hair?

  • M355

    Embrace the balding, get out the razor and shaving cream and take it all the way down to the skin

  • Anna

    I think he just wears the headbands because he likes them, but okay. This rumor did make me laugh, it is possible but daily star is NOT a reliable source.

  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    Omg harry probably just likes wearing those headbands yeah I know big shocker lol. I’m kinda curious to see what harry would look like bald I can’t imagine him ever being bald.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    He looks like a MONSTER already.

    If he loses his hair, it will truly be a disaster to behold.

  • “Do YOU think Harry would still be hot without his hair?”


    in MY opinion, no.

  • Emmatome

    I wouldn’t find him as hot if he was bald. But still, he’s got a beautiful smile, and his eyes are to die for and… Well, this is probably bullshit anyway.

  • boystan

    i think he does that so his hair stays back if that makes sense

  • Laura

    He’s pulling a Lebron James on ya’ll

  • Me

    it’s actually to keep his hair out of his face. He cuts his hair here and there, but he’s afraid it wont be cut to his liking. So he lets it grow out.

  • bad bitch