Nick Jonas ‘Demi Lovato Music Director’

nick-jonas-lovatoWith the Jonas Brothers over, Nick Jonas has accepted a new job as the Musical and Creative Director of Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour, reports Rolling Stone. Nick, who is best friends with Demi, revealed: ‘I’m overseeing video content, wardrobe, lighting and staging.

Then I’m extending into the musical side of things, which includes creating the arrangements for the songs. I’m building what Demi wanted, which is a show without stops and starts.’ Nick began working on the tour a few months ago, right around the same time the Jonas Brothers announced their split.

‘Demi and I have the same manager. I was immediately excited when I was offered the position. The relationship that Demi and I had over eight years really gives me the insight into how to best communicate with her and her team.’

The show will feature songs from all four of Lovato’s studio albums, going back to 2008’s Don’t Forget: ‘I’ve been in rehearsals with the band for the last two weeks. The biggest challenge has been just trying to rethink some of the music and see how we could compliment it with lights and video.

I sat down with the band and said to them, ‘You need to step into this like it’s a new gig. None of these arrangements are going to sound like the originals, so you need to have an open mind.”

Rehearsals were held in Los Angeles over the last few weeks and the whole team is about to head up to Vancouver to prep for opening night. ‘I won’t be at every single show. I’ll get the tour up and running, make sure it’s running smoothly, and then check in every few weeks.’

After, Nick will focus on his upcoming solo project: ‘Some of it is done and ready to be released. I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline right now and I’m waiting to release some news about my music and my next steps. It isn’t quite locked in yet, but I have started making some music and now it’s all about lining up the pieces.’

There’s no desire to even talk about any sort of future Jonas Brothers reunion because they are over making music together: ‘At this moment we’re all focusing on ourselves and the things we want to accomplish.

That’s especially true with Kevin, whose wife just gave birth. That’s a major life change for him and a priority. Joe and I are really excited for him as well as the music we’re making. I can’t say that I know when [we might reunite] because there’s lots of excitement about what we’re making as individuals.’

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  • Some Dude

    “I won’t be at every single show.”
    You should try, tho ;) thx

  • Lorie

    ugh, who wants to go to a concert of ANY artist…and come to find that all the music has been completely re-done.
    why would demi fans want to go to DEMI’s concert and have all the songs be done by….. nick’s vision?

    who the F cares what a slutty manwhore thinks about the songs?
    im glad im wasnt going to begin with…but even moreso now :)

    • Jenny

      prob b/c he’s not on tour with JB now, so he needs to find another way for finding random hookups and 1 night stands.

      • sdgsg

        just b/c you take a girl out does not mean that you sleep with them… on all of your dates, you sleep with them????…. also they are both in relationships, but be sties forever

        • liza

          Demi says that Nick for her is just a brother!

    • boys

      UMMMM, He did have a huge role in writing if not producing most of her albums? Even then, she said she ran all of the music by him before releasing it. He did say that that is what she wanted. Did you hear the new version of “Pushing me away”? I doubt all of the music has been given a different flare, but different does not mean that it is unrecognizable. It might just flow together better.

      • lol

        different does not mean it’s unrecognizable………….. did you not actually read the article???

        “None of these arrangements are going to sound like the originals,”

        ummmmm, yeah.
        thanks anyways though :)

      • really?

        all 3 of the jonas brothers worked on demi’s first album and nick co-wrote stop the world for demi’s second album. yes they’ve worked on songs since but nothing has made it to demi’s album. but i get the rest of what your saying.

  • Anon

    In before the annoying comments from Jonas fans. Stop complaining that the jonas brothers are over and that Nick is doing another tour instead. All three agreed to break up, remember. Besides it was annoying how Nick was the only one working while the other two went shopping with their girlfriends. Glad that is done with. As for Nick working and Joe not working, nobody is forcing Joe to not work, if he wanted to work instead of doing Blanda he would.

    I for one an excited for Nick.

    • shakingit

      Kev’s married with a baby?????? Joe will go on tour too, and I agree it was mutual because they all had their hearts in different places. They all were working on side stuff anyways. And, you should spend time with your wife. I think Nick and Demi make a perfect team. They get each other which means they need to make an album together if not babies ;)

      • Anon

        Um yeah but Kevin never did anything in the band, baby or no baby, ever since he got married and Joe hasn’t been working since he’s been dating Blanda. They’re both lost causes and I’m tired of people blaming Nick for Joe and Kevin’s life decisions.

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

      who the hell told you we’re angry at nick for working in something else, wtf.. as a jonas fan i’m happy he’s working while doing his new solo music and we all know the jobros’ broke up was not his fault, i don’t know why you had to comment all that crap

  • Nemi!

    Why don’t they just get married? Isn’t this where they are headed? He’s been involved in all of her projects almost. I would love for them to do a collaboration album like Toni Braxton and Babyface (came out today). He’s her Babyface anyways. (Look it up)

  • Redneckatheart

    What I like about this team is that if he gets to controlling she will knock him down a peg and that’s what he needs. I really hope he does a great job on putting it together.

    • cerenagee

      That’s exactly what I was thinking too. Demi has a great head on her shoulders and doesn’t let people push her around but she’s smart enough that she’ll accept his management….until he gets over the top

  • boystan

    he looks cute with his hair pushed back

    • cerenagee

      Wait haha yes he does but was this a real comment or a mean girl reference?

      • boystan

        i’m srs mean girls references are so last 3 years

        • cerenagee

          Bite your tongue. Mean girls references are eternal.

      • Redneckatheart

        Cady would you tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back.


    so DEMI is now employing nick jonas and is his boss?

    this is so sad for them

    why did it become like this

    • ticketsarecool

      Toni Braxton/ Babyface example…. the Jonas’ have been running that Demi ship since forever, btw.

    • cerenagee

      How is this sad? She loves collating with nick and has always said she wanted this. They’re happy with it so why not?

  • roxanneXD

    good luck.

    is the only Jonas that is doing something?


  • Duckyhoward15

    First they had her as an opening act and now this happened

  • liza

    CONGRATS Nick! :)

  • carolas

    Where is olivia? Haven’t seen them together since golden globe party. Where they looked really pissed, especially in the car.

  • cerenagee

    I think their dynamic will work perfectly together. Nick is a very smart business man and knows how to manage well while Demi brings life and fun to the table.

  • zze

    This is kind of sad You could tell he thought his bros were holding him back and dropping them would get him somewhere, but nothing happened except bad press. So he’s going behind the scenes instead. Surprised it’s as a “musical director” though. Once you go backwards, it’s hard to go forwards again. Well, maybe if he does well with Demi, Miley might hire him for her tour. That would be interesting.

    • thecat61

      ‘Miley might hire him for her tour’ LMAO. That will never happen!!!

  • burnin’ up for nick

    nick is such a pussy, why does he have to help her? why does he hhave to cancle his tour just to flatter to demi? why don’t demi help herself or help him? is this his way of staying relevant? y’all dont get mad at me coz im a fan of both nj, jb and demi! but i’m just sick of this! sick of the fact that jb had a huge effect on demi HUGE and if it werent for them she wouldn’t be that popuar from the begining…she was always on their movies and their opening tour…why?? an i’m sick of demi always getting more popular coz of jb and jb goes down, i livie in australia and it’s so embarracing to be a jb fan since im the only one in the school here in year 10, meanwhile its fabulous to be a demi fan here coz every one listens to her…URGH! i thought demi said she wanted to split from jb and go her own way ever since rehab…why is she back?