Swift ‘I Find It Easy To Keep Clothes On’

Taylor Swift revealed to GLAMOUR about being role model & not stripping: ‘I find it relatively easy to keep my clothes on because I don’t really feel like taking them off. It’s not an urge I have. For me ‘risky’ is revealing what really happened in my life through music.

Risky is writing confessional songs and telling the true story about a person with enough details so everyone knows who that person is. That’s putting myself out there, maybe even more than taking my shirt off.’

On media: ‘I know when not to read an article. Is it going to help my day? Is it important for my life? If the answer is no, then I just don’t click.. I’m careful about getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is the Internet because, as a songwriter, I don’t have the option of having thick skin.

As a writer you have to be open to everything, and that includes pain, rejection, self-doubt, fear. I deal with that enough on my own. If you look hard enough, you could find somebody on the Internet criticizing every single thing about you. If you’re me.’

On dating: ‘I think everyone should approach relationships from the perspective of playing it straight and giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Until he establishes that this is a game. And if it’s a game, you need to win. The best thing to do is just walk away from the table.’

On why you shouldn’t yell in relationships: ‘Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.’ On her music: ‘I’m not trying to shed my skin. I’m trying to be a new version of the person I’ve been my whole life. That’s what’s held my fans and me together. For a group of millions, it’s odd how close I feel to them.’

Cindi Leive: ..I heard you were giving out dating advice on the Glamour shoot. To the hair and makeup team? Taylor Swift: Oh my God. I talk about this stuff all the time. CL: Here’s something our readers ask about constantly: When you feel like a guy you’re dating has the upper hand, how do you change the game? TS: Freeze-out.

CL: What’s the freeze-out? TS: You don’t respond to any of his texts or calls until he does something desperate [like] shows up. Or he calls and leaves a voice mail. Something that makes it very clear to you that he’s interested. CL: Have you employed the freeze-out?

TS: [Nods. Pauses.] I think everyone should approach relationships from the perspective of playing it straight and giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Until he establishes that this is a game. And if it’s a game, you need to win. The best thing to do is just walk away from the table. CL: Is that winning?

TS: It is when they come back. [Laughs.] And if they don’t, then they didn’t care enough to begin with. CL: Another reader question: Is it too clingy and too insecure to say ‘I don’t like it when you don’t text me back right away”? TS: Guarding your heart and protecting your dignity are a little bit more important than clarifying the emotions of someone who’s only texting you back three words.

I’ve learned that from trying to figure out people who don’t deserve to be figured out. When someone seems mysterious, we like to romanticize that he’s ‘deep’ or ‘complicated.’ But a lot of the time, things are exactly as they seem.. For a long time I was drawn to—and still am drawn to—people I find very interesting. [But] someone who sits and talks about themselves for an hour, you start to maybe wonder if, rather than trying so hard to be interesting, they could be a little bit more interested.

CL: Is this a dating observation? TS: It’s a human being observation. CL: Give us a few more tricks. TS: Never yell. CL: Never yell? TS: Silence speaks so much louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone an excuse to say that you’re crazy.

CL: So will you continue to write about your personal life? TS: One of my big goals as a human being is to continue to write what’s really happening to me, even if it’s a tough pill to swallow for people around me… I do fear that if I ever were to have someone in my life who mattered, I would second-guess every one of my lyrics.

  • boystan

    why did she stop cussing

    • wateven

      “it’s ok girl we all do it”
      “why did she stop cussing”
      omg i dont understand what are you talking about?

  • boystan

    it’s ok girl we all do it

  • Boo

    But she doesn’t find it easy to keep a man tho


      having lots of men and women is better than one man

      • liz

        sure, if you a sluuut !

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Since when?

    • smh

      why the fuck would she keep a man she doesn’t want or he doesn’t want her or has cheated on her? shes not a desperate bitch like you

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “I find it relatively easy to keep my clothes on…” I don’t. As soon as I hit the door, clothes come off.

  • HolyGround

    I love how she cares so much about her songwriting. Thats one of the reasons I love her. Can’t wait for the next album

  • Jake

    I think she gets a worse rep than she deserves. If any other girl (and I mean this in a way that’s realistic, not the Miley every-20-year-old-is-crazy-and-naked-bullshit way) had her money, looked like her, and was single, wouldn’t you date? I don’t think every person, if you look at their entire dating history, has dated one or two people… and those that do are in the small percentile. No one would bat an eye if she was in college or if she literally was sleeping around. And ladies, think about it… if you had the power to call out every douche you dated, wouldn’t you? If you could point out the ass who cheated on you and help another girl who doesn’t deserve it, wouldn’t you? Would you let someone get away with unfairly hurting you? Harry Styles is linked to girls weekly, and he’s called a Casanova. Taylor dates every now and then and she’s called a tramp. And just because her songs deal with a lot of relationship talk that makes it seem like a lot of boyfriends, it doesn’t mean they’re HER boyfriends. It could be any relationship she’s observed from her friends that she imagined herself in to write the song. Give her the benefit of the doubt. The way she talks about relationships, she’s VERY smart. Don’t act like you won’t apply her tips. The reason she stays single is probably because she knows what you wants. She’s called crazy if she can’t keep a boyfriend, but would you ever settle for someone just to have a boyfriend, no matter how you knew they didn’t fit? And if you made that choice, you’d be called a bitch. And any girl who hates her for the Harry situation, at some point, they liked her because she was the only girl who’s doing what she’s doing in terms of singing songs girls relate to. She’s a young woman who falls in love quickly, and is currently dating. That sounds like a 24 year old. Don’t make her out to be this crazed slutty bitch when she’s too demure to even swear in public. >>> One thing I do not like about her now (and it’s not a dislike, it’s an uncomfortable observation), is how she went from the girl next door who could be your best friend to the prim and proper housewife who is constantly poised. Remember when she used to wear jeans and talked about burning pictures and Chevy trucks? I guess that’s her growing up, though. I may not be used to it, but I’d rather see that growth than Miley’s growth.

    • WednesdaysWeWearPINK

      i’m virtually hugging you so hard right now.

  • cerenagee

    I love this interview so much. I just love the way she carries herself. She’s a goddess.