Spring Breakers SEQUEL?!

selena-gomez-spring-breakers-best-pictureAshley Benson responded when asked by Cosmopo ‘Would you ever do a Spring Breakers 2?’ funny thing There’s been talk about Doing a sequel. I think it can only be done once. It would be interesting. Do YOU think there should be a Spring Breakers sequel?

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  • anon

    oh god no worst movie i’ve ever seen

  • boystan

    the first movie was so boring tho

  • no spring breakers Y’ALL

    please god no

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    No, I’ll punch a bitch in the face.

  • BrokenArrow18

    the first one was pretty boring imo

  • lmao


  • cerenagee

    it deff doesnt need to even be a thought…no sequel

  • Dara

    I didn’t even make it through the first movie, it was so awful. Any sequel to this movie would FLOP