Taylor Swift Niall Horan London Drinks

niall-swift-2Niall Horan went to Taylor Swift’s show at London’s 02 Arena on Sunday night as he’s on crutches following a knee operation. His relationship Barbara Palvin cooled after she relocated from London to Paris to concentrate on her career.

A source has revealed to The Mirror: ‘Taylor was happy to sort Niall some Access All Areas passes and even had drinks with him before the show. They met through a mutual friend Ed Sheeran. Niall seemed like a genuine fan of Taylor’s music. However, he smirked when she performed I Knew You Were Trouble which was rumoured to be about Harry.’

Niall, making no mention of it, tweeted: ‘Watching the Super Bowl! And all I can think of is! ‘I can’t believe we are playing that stadium in the summer’ mind blowing s**t.’ UPDATED with pix of Niall and Louis today. Niall is looking stonger!

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  • boystan

    they’d look good as friends

  • HolyGround

    I don’t get it when his fans say they hate her? Usually you don’t buy tickets to someone’s show if you hate them lol. Niall is my fave from 1D, he seems like the coolest.

    I am seriously going to buy a t-shirt that says in big black bold letters I Knew You Were Trouble is not about Harry Styles.

    • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

      Omg I still can’t believe people think I knew you were trouble is written about harry, wasn’t red written way before haylor even happened? Lmao

      • HolyGround

        Samee and yeah it was! Its probably about either John or Jake but definitely not Harry lol.

  • heather

    ha. his fake smile is priceless!

    • lol

      do u realize that is a manip….smh

      • cerenagee

        lmfao, dead

  • cerenagee

    they would actually be a cute couple.

    niall is so cute btw.

  • sophie

    id ship this but its taylor swift so I dont