The Vamps ‘We Were Mistaken For JLS’

the-vamps-jlsThe Vamps dished to Yahoo! about their upcoming tour with Taylor Swift! Brad Simpson: ‘We’ve met Taylor already, only once so far. James is already getting on pretty well with her. I think he’s got bit of a crush.’ James McVey: ‘Just a little crush.’

Brad: ‘We’re going to leave it to James and just be his three wingmen. She seems like the type of girl who would come backstage and chat, she seems really friendly.’ On their new single: ‘It’s just feel good track with a real folky vibe about it. It’s different to our first single Can We Dance in a sense that there’s more instrumental stuff.

We get really nervous the night before any single gets released and we won’t be able to sleep. We’ll be nervous the whole week really, last time it was a battle.

There is added pressure, but we’re trying not to think about the pressure. When it’s out there, it’s up to the public. It would be such a dream to get a number one though.’

What will we do if we get to number 1? ‘What would we do? Something crazy like do a bungee jump off a building, or do one of those jumps like in anchorman when they get suits. We’ll hit it hard, go out in London.’

Brad: ‘Our album’s coming out in mid April, we’re 99% sure. Me and James have been writing this for about two and a half years. That’s why we really connected, because we’re such keen songwriters, and we’re kept that going. We’ve co-written a lot of the album, and Tristen has been been helping produce lots of the songs.’

We don’t mind being compared being to bands like One Direction, but I think we’re more like McFly.’ Tristan: ‘We were actually mistaken for JLS once, someone on a plane thought we were them. Really odd.’


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