Victoria Justice & Pierson Tongue Kiss

victoria-justice-pierson-fode-tongue-kissingVictoria Justice tongue kissing boyfriend Pierson Fode at a party.

  • ldjdd

    Oh? I wonder why she’s being so public with this relationship when she took the opposite approach when it came to Ryan Rottman?

    • Bad

      Ryan was like 10 years older & was in press for drinking a lot & shit
      Not that kind of guy u wanna bring home

  • Anon

    Annoying no talent having girl.She said she would keep her private life private but now that her career is on life support shes starts pimping out her personal life.

    Ariana’s career is blossoming and Victoria’s career is almost over,bet she never thought was going to happen.

    • malena

      Ariana is riding high right now, but you must be crazy or just really young if you think that’s gonna last much longer. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Victoria could end up having the better career long term.

      • Guest

        Ariana has a voice that can carry her career for decades imo.

        • lol

          She’s not going to get any bigger than she is right now imo, and she isnt even that big.

          • honesty

            Ariana will be around for a long time. That voice is rare.

  • MaggieMoMo

    Who exactly is this? Not very attractive.

  • boystan

    what will the children say

  • boystan

    he has a nice profile

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ok.. well.

    • JJ

      lol pretty much my reaction as well.

  • Demi Lovato

    Somewhere, Joey Graceffa is crying into a pillow.

    • Laura

      Should I know who that is?

      • Zaina777

        You don’t know who Joey Graceffa is?

        • threelittlebirds

          I don’t know either

          • Zaina777

            He’s a popular youtuber. He vlogs and makes fun videos. I swear if you watch youtubers you will get obsessed. Right now I love Zoella and i’m into Tanya Burr and her fiance Jim Chapman… I can’t wait until they get married have beautiul Janya babies.

          • threelittlebirds

            i do watch watch youtubers. big jenna marbles fan. and i also love zoella. i’m gonna have to check this guy out.

          • laura

            I absolutely adore Tanya and Jim! But Alfie is my fav, he is such a cutie haha
            Youtubers are so addictive :o

          • Zaina777

            Zalfie…when they came out as a couple I was so happy. I hope they have Zalfie babies as well.

            Do you watch Zoella also? I love her ombre hair.

          • laura

            Zalfie is the cutest! I love how they’re not constantly over each other but still very adorable :)
            Of course I watch Zoella, her hair is gorgeous!

    • wuht

      Wait what? What about him? I know who that is but what’s he have to do with this! Tell me Demi Lovato!!!

  • suzy

    I would like to tongue Victoria.