deleted-tweetsAriana Grande showed off flawless hairstyle in an immaculate new Twitter picture. She Tweeted: ‘I love how even though I’ve deleted tweets consistently for a long time now y’all still act so surprised every time it happens lol’.


  • lapdjfd

    I can’t wait ’till the public starts to turn on this self-involved, overrated bimbo.

    • Caitlyn D

      i dont think shes a bimbo

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    *shrugs* Beautiful as usual.

  • boystan

    hot bitch

  • Jake

    I’ve said it before: she has the best voice the industry has ever heard in a long time. She’s stunning. And her appeal is massive compared to other starlets who are just starting out as music artists (like Zendaya or Lucy Hale) so she could be the next big thing to take storm. But she’s too artificial. This whole “Omg, I’m so innocent, but I’m sexy too, right?” act is nauseating. And she changed a lot. I know she says she never liked what she wore before, but when she had her short hair and didn’t look like a pin-up doll, she was adorable and a lot more relatable. It’s like when she got a lot of girls idolizing her, she turned into this untouchable caricature where she’s “at” her fans instead of “with” them. I hope that makes sense. She’s trying to be a poster girl for Tumblr or something that makes looking like a sexed up child something to aspire to be that only she can maintain. How many pictures does she have where she has a “come hither” look? How many pictures does she have where she’s pretending to show something else just to show off her body, like that whole thigh gap thing? How many selfies can you take? And then she tries to get on the good side of every major fandom, to get more fans to admire her, like the Justin Bieber fans or Harry Potter fans, or even gay fans (“I switched my religion because my pope said being gay was wrong. I couldn’t worship to that..”) so she can get more followers. Her entire persona isn’t anything truthful or endearing because it seems like one big act. She seems so self-centered and very off-putting. And other than that, when she gives an interview, she’s just boring. She’s even a good actress, because her as Cat is actually really lovable. Her talent is wayyyyy too great to be thwarted by her shitty attitude. She needs to have a reality check, or her public WILL turn on her, because by the way her voice is and how beautiful she is, there’s a reason she’s not as big as she could be… and that reason is herself.

    • Adele

      I agree with you somewhat but I believe that a lot of her actions are driven or encouraged by her “team”. I’ve said this over and over again that Ariana is a class A talent with a 3rd tier team. Doing what is thought to be the correct way to be a star by the clueless people around her. The people on Fashion Police rightly bashed whoever was in charge of her look at the Grammys. They were like, Ariana is GORGEOUS and someone puts her in this weird dress that didn’t go and pantyhose with clunky shoes! They all pointed the finger to her team. The annoying thing is that as she gets more popular (and she will) her team will think that it’s partially due to them instead of her talent.

      The sefies? eh..she’s 20 she’ll get tired of them and slow down a bit on that. It’s hard not to be proactive because that’s what made her stand out from everyone on Victorious. She was a beast on youtube putting up videos all the freaking time about everything. I agree with you about checking all the boxes to be politically correct. Very annoying. However this is still trial and error phase for Ariana both as a performer and as a young woman. Hold on, it’s gonna be an exciting & bumpy ride.

      • Jes

        i agree with everything you said but did you reply to yourself?

  • Guest