Blanda & Joe Jonas New York Fashion

janda-fashion-love (4)Fashionista Joseph Jonas and rising international star Blanda Eggenschwiler looked iconic and stunning together at New York Fashion Week at the Richard Chai and Duckie Brown runway shows. Joe posed with many people including sitting next to friend Zachary Quinto and Colton Haynes.

More Janda pix HERE & HERE, HERE, HERE. Via @lovanas.

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    wouldn’t be surprised if he’s bi

    • GentileJewel

      He has already said No! So Shut Up!

  • Anon

    Joe used to live the Fastlife but now….

    • GentileJewel

      The fastlife ain’t pretty Dear!

  • boystan

    what does blanda do

    • threelittlebirds

      I’ve read from people on here that she’s a graphic designer. Not sure if it’s true

      • anon

        She has no job. lolz

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Spend joes money <3

  • anon
  • anon
  • Adele

    A fashionista? She’s wearing open toe heels in the snow in 30 degree weather!

    • Redneckatheart

      I think they were referring to Joe as the fashionista lol

      • Adele

        I just saw that. My cousin in NYC sid that there is ice everywhere due to a lack of salt. So I looked at Bland and thought wtf? Joe always looks great without effort.

  • Redneckatheart

    Rising star?? On another note, I love her hair.