Demi Lovato Nick Jonas E! News Special

demi-vipVIP Neon Lights tickets available HERE! Nick joked with Demi and E! News’ Kristina Guerrero about what topics to avoid while talking to new moms. Kristina: ‘Never bring up sleep.’ Demi: ‘I won’t complain about breastfeeding with a mom, either.’ Nick: ‘I was not planning on bringing up boobs.’

Demi: ‘My manager and I were going through ideas for the tour and I always want his [Nick’s] opinion on stuff cause he knows exactly what he’s talking about. And he had visions for this tour and he threw out some ideas and they were really good and we just thought ‘Why don’t you just do the whole tour, please?’ so it’s turned out amazing and like 90 percent is his work.’

Nick: ‘I love my relationship with Demi and our friendship. The fact that she asked me to come in and sort of help take her visions and her dreams and turn them into a reality onstage was an honor and the show looks amazing and I think this is going to be the best show she has put on for her fans.’

Demi: ‘I have ideas and he makes them happen and then he also has really amazing ideas and sometimes it’s like before he even says them they are in my head, so it’s pretty amazing how well we work together.’

Nick: ‘Our relationship as friends allows us to be transparent with each other and just lay it out. What makes it uncomfortable in these settings is when we have to tip-toe around things, but we can just throw it out and know that there is trust there and we are just both trying to put together a great show for her.’

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  • Emmatome

    I like their friendship but back when they were doing Camp Rock (2) I felt as if Nick was in love with her IDK.

  • cerenagee

    they feel more like brother and sister than her and joe.

    she looks like a beautiful mermaid

  • Molly

    SO pretty!