Girl Petitions Disney For Large Princess

jewel-moore-disney-petition (2)Jewel Moore, 17, from Fuqua High School in Farmville, Virginia, launched a petition asking Disney to give us an interesting female character who isn’t stick-thin. Jewel: ‘It’s extremely difficult to find a positive representation of plus-size females in the media.

If Disney could make a plus-size female protagonist who was as bright, amazing, and memorable as their others, it would do a world of good for those plus-size girls out there who are bombarded with images that make them feel ugly for not fitting the skinny standard.

Disney films are highly influential and wide-spread, and they impact the lives of many children, especially girls. It would be revolutionary for Disney to show support to a group of girls..

..who are otherwise horrendously bullied by the media. Jewel told Yahoo! ‘I know the characters are just cartoons but they give girls their first impressions of real-life women.. Do YOU think Disney should make a larger princess?

..Now that I’m almost an adult, cartoons don’t impact my confidence, but I have small cousins and I want them to see a wide representation of women. If plus-size girls see characters that look like them succeed, it would show them that they can do anything.’

Over the years, Disney has occasionally strayed from its classic princess aesthetic. Its 2012 Pixar film ‘Brave’ focuses on Merida, a tomboy hero with wild, curly red hair, and 2009’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’ features a hardworking African-American waitress named Tiana (who eventually becomes the princess).

And of course, there’s the 1995 flick ‘Pocahontas,’ which tells the story of the daughter of an Algonquin chief who falls in love with an English colonist, and 1998’s ‘Mulan,’ about a Chinese warrior who leads her country to battle dressed as a man.

‘To be clear, I’m not asking for Disney to stop making thin princesses. I would just like to see a princess with a different body shape. Where’s the pear-shaped princess? The short princess? The chubby princess?

I’ve had a few people tell me that I should redirect my efforts to help women not look toward the media to gain their self-confidence. I wish women wouldn’t listen to the media, but that’s inevitable.

If we can’t change people, we can at least start with animated characters. I want little boys to see plus-size Disney princesses, so they don’t grow up and think women they date have to look perfect.’

  • laura

    This is pathetic. If you look at those Disney princesses, then you could see they aren’t stick thin. The bodies of a few of them are actually based on a real woman (can’t remember her name though). Even if you go to Disney world, the women portraying those princesses aren’t stick thin but have a healthy weight.
    If we all would just eat healthily and exercise, we wouldn’t be having stupid discussions like this. Because life isn’t about being thin or curvy or whatever, it is about being happy because you are healthy.

    • Tsvetelina

      You are so right, this is my point too. :)

    • Chelsea

      I think you need to be educated because they are stick thin iv been to Disney world 8 times when I was lil and they where really skinny size 2 isn’t healthy skinny its stick thin and I was born heavy its not food that changes peoples body types its genes! I eat barley any junk food and work out and gain weight bc its my genes and ALOT of girls I knew where plus size because of Cancer! Its not just eat healthy and work out and bam ur skinny.

      • Anna

        Okay, this comment just really pissed me off. I am a 20 year old who happens to be a size 2 and it isn’t by choice. I am not unhealthy stick thin thank you very much. I literally cannot gain weight and I have tried many times to do so. Some girls are not skinny by choice and people like you need to realize that. I have no curves or anything and that is all people are interested in these days. Your insulting my body type to praise your own, sorry how does that make you the bigger person here? And FYI most people know it isn’t easy to lose weight. There is just a few ignorant people out there that assume it is. However, most people are larger by there own choices. Maybe this isn’t the case with you, but don’t pull the it isn’t by choice crap for all girls.

        • Truth

          Also I would like to add to what you say not all girls are fat by choice some suffer with conditions eg over active thyroid which makes you gain wait like crazy life’s just cruel and people are too judgemental …

      • laura

        Ok first off: you lose weight when you have cancer so don’t give me that shit.
        Second, if you read a few comments down below, you would’ve read my sister is slightly overweight as well even though she has the same lifestyle as me. But she looks healthy. You can tell by looking at her that she lives a healthy life but she is losing weight by now doing pilates and extra cardio. It is a myth that it is in your genes. Yes she’ll never be thin, that is definitely not in her genes, but her genes sure as hell don’t decide for her that she has to be obese and unhealthy. I never even once said that I want stick thin Disney princesses: I want healthy princesses. And the ones I’ve seen so far are healthy.
        I’ve been to Disney last year and the women I saw were healthy looking and even had curves.
        Also, don’t tell me to be educated because I am very well educated, thank you very much.

      • SammyBBJ

        I’m very sorry to hear what you went through with cancer, but I cannot agree with the rest of your statement. I happen to be a size zero, not by choice, and I feel as if by trying to praise your body type in what you’ve written, you’re belittling mine and others who are like me. Not everyone is the same, and neither are those princesses. They’re different races and nationalities, and yes they are different body types as well. I am so glad that at Disney Land and World that the people portraying these timeless girls are healthy and not all the same size. Shame on you for becoming as ignorant as those around you

        • Anna

          She doesn’t have cancer, she says her friends who are plus size do. But I agree with everything you said about those of us skinny girls.


      Preach girl yasssssssssss
      I would much rather have little girls look up to the healthy bodies of the princesses than someone who was obese just because plus sized women want representation.How is promoting obesity any healthier than promoting size zero.. No one deserves to be taunted for being overweight, but at the end of the day, we need to stop lying & pretending like it’s okay for them to be that way because it’s honestly not. It’s unhealthy.
      People need to stop wasting all their energy on the internet trying to change things that don’t need fixing. Like go outside, take a walk, ride a bike, climb some stairs or whatever. At the end of the day, just be happy with your health

      P.S. I fucking hate hypocritical people who say that they don’t want to be attacked for their size, but refer to people smaller than them as “stick thin.” That’s just as offensive as calling someone a buffalo or whatever and you’ve just invalidated your argument byEE.

      • laura

        Thank you :)
        But seriously, if you look at those princesses, then they look just fine. They aren’t a size zero and they aren’t obese either.
        Weight is such a touchy subject when it shouldn’t be because if we would all maintain this healthy lifestyle everyone would be happy with the way he/she looked. Things like this seriously make me so mad.

    • Um.

      Uh, being that I’ve actually WORKED at Disney World, I can tell you that for the most part, you are wrong. I worked in costuming for the MK last summer, and I can assure you that most of those girls are stick thin. I was amazed how many times I had to alter their costumes.

  • Tsvetelina

    What about Ivy from Good Luck Charlie? She is not skinny and she is one of the most colourful and cute characters ever! :) I don’t think that being overweight or way too skinny,should be encouraged though. :)

  • js

    Disney Princess are skinny as hell, she has a point, when they put no skinny characters in a movie they’re make fun of them or are the funny ones that are awkward and stuff and are rejected or make fun of, like the prince could never fall in love with her because she’s not the skinny princess of the story. I’ve noticed that a lot. It would be interesting if they do what the girl is suggesting.

    • laura

      They are healthy looking, not skinny. In fact, Cinderella should’ve been all bones considering the life she was living but she actually looked healthy.
      There are older women in Disney movies who are chubbier because well, we all put on weight when we get older. Then there are a few female and male villains or kings and queens who are chubby as well but considering the time period those movies are portraying it is only normal since the wealthy/powerful/etc were chubbier to show that they had food, money and power. Then you have Lilo who is a cute chubby kid who has saved the world multiple times. Oh and the cute chubby kid from Up who probably stole everyone’s heart.
      I don’t really see the problem tbh.

  • cerenagee

    I think this is so pathetic. @disqus_ftfP4VJ32z:disqus couldn’t have summed it up any better. Disney does a great job about including all ethinicities as well as shapes of people in their shows and princess movies. Just how she is saying promoting super stick thin princesses is healthy neither is promoting a plus size princess. the reality of the situation is although there are plus size women in the world that is still not healthy! cardiovascular diseases and more issues are associated with being plus size. i think disney is doing a pretty good job with promoting HEALTH. I love that they have the segments about healthy food and being healthy and exercising. people really need to stop.

    • threelittlebirds

      This isn’t meant to be in a rude way, but thin people can have health problems. Yes, they are increased if someone is overweight, but that doesn’t mean mean thin people get a free pass. Also someone could be overweight and be perfectly healthy.

      • cerenagee

        I wasn’t saying they should be thin I am very aware that extremely thin is not healthy. I was just saying having plus size women does not promote a healthy life style – neither does being crazy thin. Being overweight leads to more health problems than someone who is fit and in shape.

        • threelittlebirds

          I didn’t say they should be thin either. I was just saying that just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they don’t have health problems. My sister bf is thin and he has high blood pressure. My uncle is thin and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And I’ve know people who were overweigh and had nothing wrong with them.

          • cerenagee

            I know. I wasn’t saying that at all. I am very unaware that there are health problems associated with being thin as well.

          • threelittlebirds

            Ok. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I just thought you didn’t know

          • cerenagee

            Oh I know you weren’t :)

          • laura

            But, do they exercise and eat healthily? Your cholesterol can only be too high if you eat to much food with animal fats in it and same is for high blood pressure.
            That’s the issue. You can be thin even though you eat junk food but you sure as hell aren’t healthy then.
            It just all depends :)

          • threelittlebirds

            Majority of the time. I see what you’re saying though. I was just trying to say that thin people can have the same health problems as someone who is overweight. Plus, someone could eat healthy and exercise and still be slightly overweight. Guess it all just depends on the genes.

          • laura

            Definitely. For example, I am thin while my sister is a little bit overweight. Obviously, we eat the same food so it is just her genes. Suckish thing is that it still comes with a lot of health issues. But she is starting lose all that baby fat, as she likes to call it haha

          • threelittlebirds

            Haha good for her!

      • laura

        It all depends. You can be overweight because of an unhealthy lifestyle but you can also be overweight because of your DNA. Either way, many studies have showed that neither is healthy and both come with many health issues.

  • disqus_qfyOBdJfvT

    See as an also large female I think it would be a bad role model for girls to see a large princess. I mean I can understand wanting to see a bit curvier of a princess ( which Merida kind of was before the Disney makeover that was terrible) or a really tall princess, but to have her be overweight would not be good for young people to look up to. The size of a princess never made me self conscious because I would also have had to realize that I am not a cartoon. I made my own decisions about what I ate and ended up looking how I do. Girls need to see “healthy” princess and females in the media. Not stick thin and not overweight

  • Rah

    This is like the Barbie issue, where people are arguing that it’s not healthy to promote a larger figure. But it’s not healthy to promote a thin figure, because not everyone can be thin. Your bone structure, as well as diet and exercise habits, will determine your shape.

    What girls and boys need to be taught is that there is no perfection, there is no ideal, you just have to work with what you have and be happy and healthy.

  • Dara

    I can’t even put my opinion into words. This is like my fifth time trying and I STILL can’t even describe how stupid this is.
    Disney princesses are not stick thin, they all look healthy and beautiful. Being large is not healthy!! We shouldn’t glamorize being overweight by making a princess large. Little girls look up to Disney princesses.
    Also these are MOVIES AND FAIRYTALES they are not meant to be REAL. This is just like people wanting a plus sized Barbie, she is a TOY, she’s NOT REAL. Therefore it doesn’t matter how skinny she is, it’s not like any little girl will look at Barbie (or a Disney princess) and think wow, I really wish I could be as skinny as her. Seriously, when I was a kid I just wanted to wear the princesses DRESSES. I didn’t think twice about their body shapes or how “skinny” they are. In my opinion, a large princess is just ridiculous. Everyone needs to accept the fact that these made up characters are not real. What’s next, a disney princess with an eating disorder? Or with zits and braces? What little girl would want to see a princess like that? I sure wouldn’t, but it seems like that’s where we’re headed

  • Cici

    Why not promote being healthy? Why not instead of forcing the idea of being overweight as an okay thing, why not better yourself and encourage others to do the same? This is wasted energy. Being obese is not what little girls should look up to. Being healthy is. Now I remember Disney princesses looking normal, and aren’t they modeled after each specific culture they represent? Everyone is different in shape, but it should only matter about being healthy. Most of the Disney princesses are curvy & healthy…so this is just ignorant really.

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t know anyone that is influenced as much as this girl is claiming by Disney princesses…

    • Silver

      Me too though… lol

  • Silver

    Aaargh. Everyone has something to say about this nowadays. I am sick of it. Disney princesses look HEALTHY and that is all that is important.

  • opposedxx

    To Me It Is Sad Because This Girl Is Teaching Children That It’s Acceptable To Eat Unhealthy And Be Lazy To Get Chubby. Disney Princesses Aren’t Stick Then They Have Hour Glass Figures. Go Look At Jack Skellington And Say They Are Stick Thin.

    • Bekah

      I eat healthy and exercise every day and I’m still “overweight” for my age so I find your comment ignorant and uneducated. Your weight really isn’t determined by how healthy you eat and how much you exercise. I have a friend who doesn’t exercise at all and eats whatever the hell she wants whenever the hell she wants and she’s still stick thin. She has a fast metabolism. Bone structure also has a lot to do with what your body build will be. This girl isn’t promoting unhealthy eating or “chubby” bodies, in my opinion. These days, we’re constantly being thrown skinny bodies on skinny bodies by the media. They promote eating disorders and other health hazardous ways to lose weight. I think that’s the main reason why this girl is doing what she is. She wants bigger girls to know that they can be confident and can be “princesses” without being as skinny as some shows and movies portray them, and I do agree with that. However, I don’t think that a cartoon character with a bigger body build is going to solve anything. If a person is comfortable with the way that they’re built, good on them. If they’re not, they can pick a healthy way to change it.

      • effyou

        Hah that’s so funny. I’m sure Disney’s idea of promotion is to make overweight princess’s because you don’t have confidence in yourself. But the fact that your sitting here and blatantly stating you eat healthy and exercise and your still overweight. No.Your bone structure has nothing to do with your bmi. So I find your comment to be ignorant. Disney has bigger actor and actresses but if your idea of losing your overweight is to argue over the internet then screw off. Metabolism can be a big contribute and yes some girls are luckier than others but if you eat the right way your metabolism could speed up. Done with this childish argument. have a nice day :)

  • Debz

    Terrible idea.
    It’s like saying “Ya, It’s ok that you are unhealthy. We support that.” UNLESS you have a MEDICAL problem, I will not support unhealthiness. I use to be over 200lbs and lost 76lbs with diet and excercise. Healthy is the way to be and something to be admired.
    I STILL have to watch what I eat and work out every day, but its worth it, even though at times it sucks.
    Healthy is the way to be!

    I will not support an unhealthy body type, unless its a medical condition.

    • Molly

      Congrats on your weight loss :D

  • Stash

    The problem here is that people associate being bigger with being unhealthy. But if you’re shorter, if you have more muscle mass, and especially your body proportions — these things all effect your appearance but usually don’t accurately reflect your weight. Have you ever played that game at a fair where the carnival man tries to guess your weight? That’s so incredibly difficult because you can have two different women who both weigh 130 pounds but one can look so much heavier. But just because you look bigger, doesn’t mean you’re automatically unhealthy. But apparently the girls of OceanUp think you’re unhealthy scum that needs to exercise (Look at a high performance female athlete and tell me that we have a princess that is accurately representing her — we don’t) I don’t think this girl is asking for an obese princess, she is asking for a healthy women who looks curvacious. I’d love to see that too. Having a bigger princess isn’t going to promote eating junk food and vegetating on the couch, it’s going to promote self-love.

    • amy

      Exactly. I know girls who look “big” purely because they are shorter. They aren’t over weight, but they appear that they are just because of how short they are.

  • Demi Lovato

    Fuck off.

    Ask Dreamworks.

  • Shailene Woodley

    As somebody who is constantly referred to as “stick thin” it generally annoys me when people act as if being naturally skinny is a bad thing. Some people, like myself, can not gain the weight and the fact that it’s okay to slam girls for being thin but it’s always thought of as a problem for slamming somebody overweight bugs me. I’m all for promoting a healthy body shape, people are always trying to paint being skinny as a negative thing and saying they don’t want little girls thinking they have to look like that but it works both ways. I don’t want my little cousins growing up thinking they have to be slightly bigger than they already are because that’s what people keep trying to shove down every ones throats these days.
    As long as the person looks healthy and is potrayed that way there really shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Lily

      Except for skinny girls, the media isn’t telling them to be more curvy in a real sense, “curvy” is only acceptable when it means big boobs and ass. Hollywood is telling “stick thin” girls NOT to be average- rather to obtain a rare and ridiculous ideal, either that, or skinny girls are told that they’re not skinny enough. Fat girls, on the other hand, are just told their “ugly”, “unhealthy”, and they are shamed for having extra pounds. The society overall is fucked up when it comes to women and weight. Women can’t win.

      • laura

        Well that is not entirely true.
        Skinny women often get called scarecrows or people say things like ‘real women have curves’ or that skinny girls look like boys, etc. Skinny girls do get judged, trust me.
        But you’re right, women can never win. Sucks big time.

        • Lily

          I know that, but like I already addressed, the ideal “curvy” is not actually curvy. And I know all too well the comments skinny girls get. I am one.

          All my life, I have been pretty skinny. I always felt pretty comfortable with myself, even though I would get comments like “You’re too skinny, eat a burger.” That never really phased me much. Once I got into high school, I would eat a lot more because I’d eat like… Fries everyday, lol. But the thing is I gained some weight, I think I was only at maybe 110 pounds, but it was still weight. And one day my dad actually said “You’re gaining weight.” I don’t think he meant it badly, cause I was still skinny, but it HURT. I felt horrible. I had always been told “You’re too thin” but that never hurt me, but this silly little comment did. Why? Because our society had been telling me since I was little that “too much weight is BAD”. I didn’t eat lunch that day, and began to limit myself… a lot. And so began a horrid cycle that lasted until I was in 11th grade. Now I’m happy with myself, but because of what I did to my body, my body doesn’t gain weight properly, and my weight fluctuates from looking almost normal to looking skeletal. I have tried to gain weight stably, but it’s pretty much impossible for me at this point. So believe me, I know what it’s like to be called out on being “too thin”, but I also know how damaging to one’s mind and body to have this systematic hatred of overweight people be so pervasive in society.

          • laura

            I’m so sorry to hear that but I am glad you are doing better :)
            I know what it can do to someone because my little sister got bullied because of her weight, I’ve seen how much it hurt her. When she was 10, she even thought about killing herself..
            I just think it is disgusting how people think it is ok to say to someone ‘hey you are too fat’ or ‘hey you are too skinny’ and I definitely don’t think people should be thin. But I do believe that it is important to be healthy and thus be happy. And that is what a lot of people don’t seem to understand. Because in the media, they still send out this message that you should be skinny or that you should have curves. When in fact, they should be sending out the message that you should be healthy.
            It is something we have to work on, obviously, but we’ll get there eventually.
            And you, sweetheart, you stay strong :) <3

          • Lily

            Thank you, I really appreciate that. :)

            It’s pretty scary, the environment we are putting little girls in. I hope your sister is doing well. No little girl should feel ugly in their skin, and the fact that millions of girls ARE, really shows how society has failed them.

            This is why we need EVERYONE represented in the media, not just the typical body type we’ve seen for the last 50 years.

          • laura

            You’re welcome, it honestly breaks my heart to hear things like that.
            My sister is doing good, it was just that back then, my father got diagnosed with cancer as well and she couldn’t really cope with it all but now she is extremely happy :) and she is working out for her health and not because society wants her to be thin.
            I just think it is something typical of this ‘era’. Like a few hundred years ago you actually had to have a lot of body fat to be considered attractive and then it gradually started to change. It’s just scary how we can’t seem to accept each others bodies just because we have this distorted view on how a body should look like. I still don’t think an overweight princess would be good, slightly overweight is fine by me but then they have to really make sure they give that princess a healthy lifestyle so they don’t get all stereotypical.

      • Shailene Woodley

        I do understand what you’re saying but there’s been plenty of times where I’ve saw a skinny woman get called “too skinny” or “looking anorexic” or even being said that she exercises too much. Like I said before it works both ways. Both body types get the same amount of abuse but people really only tend to take more notice of the overweight comments because too many people these days feel like the skinny comments should be taken as a compliment and to be honest I find it wrong.
        Agree completely with the women can’t win thing though.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    After reading everyone’s comments I was a little disappointed but O well they’re called opinions for a reason.
    (I agree with everything Stash said.) :)

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Because I know how it feels to have been fat and people do look down on you and they talk shit about you I feel for her. I don’t see many women that looked like me when I was fat. Yeah I’m back to being small but that doesn’t take away from it not being the only look in the world. I don’t think this girl wants people to be unhealthy (we don’t know if she’s healthy or not) I think she wants to see her body type on screen. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Body types aren’t always what they seem, you can’t always know how healthy or unhealthy someone is just by looking at them.

  • Lily

    Y’all hate fat people so much, you’re so opposed to ONE fat princess. Like, ffs, chill, after they make a fat princess the next 10 will be skinny, it’s not like its a personal attack on you. Every type of girl should be represented, making one princess curvy isn’t going to make skinny people less represented in media or anything, lol. I mean, have you seen Hollywood? It’s like when they made Tiana, nobody wanted another black princess in a row, even though there have been a million white girls represented already. MAKING A GIRL WITH A DIFFERENT BODY TYPE OR RACE ISN’T GOING TO CHANGE THE FACT THAT EVERYONE ELSE IN MEDIA IS SKINNY AND WHITE.

    • Douglas

      Princesses already have been characterized as different races, so I don’t know why you’re bringing that into your argument. If you actually read our comments without bias, you can see we’re not hating on ‘fat people’. We’re telling how we feel about people being too overweight or even too skinny.

  • BangBang

    But where does it exactly says that she wants an overweight princess? She just says that she would like to see a princess with a different body shape. I don’t see why everyone goes crazy about this…

  • boystan

    we need a latin princess tho

  • booboo

    Let me start off by saying I’m overweight. Not obese, but definitely overweight. I have been almost my entire life, with a little yoyoing here and there, at best being “average” for maybe 2 or 3 years in the beginning of high school. And no, I do not have any sort of medical issue that keeps me from being at a healthy weight; I just make very poor choices healthwise. I don’t exercise as much as I should and I frankly just haven’t yet found the willpower to change my shitty diet. It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s the reality and I readily admit it.

    Even so, it’s still an insecurity, always has been. So I DEFINITELY understand where this girl is coming from; I think we all do. At its core, her argument is calling for such a culturally influential entity such as Disney to do what they can to embrace all body types in order to positively impact little girls’ self-esteem.

    I think we can all agree that’s a great sentiment, but here’s the thing… they’re just Disney princesses. Nothing about them is realistic, nor is it supposed to be. They’re fairytales; they’re SUPPOSED to be idyllic. When I was a little girl, I never CARED that they were thin; all I cared about was how pretty and kind and overall magical they were. I enjoyed watching the films and putting on the costumes and living out a fairytale, never ONCE caring or even CONSIDERING the fact that I was too chubby to pull off Ariel’s shell bra; I was a kid. I just wanted to be a mermaid and damn it, I WAS.

    Granted, I realize not everyone had the same experiences. This girl was clearlyyyy affected one way or another by the princesses’ appearances. But why does everything have to be turned into some sort of political or social statement these days? This is kids’ stuff. LEAVE it as kids’ stuff. Like someone else said, why go out of your way to make an overweight princess just for the sake of representation?

    And “Where’s the pear-shaped princess? The short princess? The chubby princess?” I don’t know, where’s the Hispanic princess? The physically disabled princess? The mentally challenged princess? All of these would give different girls something to look up to, but you can’t POSSIBLY expect them to just cater to everybody’s insecurities.

    If anything, I feel like it would just draw more attention to the issue for little girls. Disney isn’t there to make girls think about fat and skinny. Disney is there to tell fairytales and bring some magic into kids’ lives. But that’s just my two cents.