Miley Cyrus Naked Topless W Outtake

miley-cyrus-topless-w-outtakeMiley Cyrus nude and topless in W magazine outtake. #FREETHENIPPLE.

Nude picture of Miley under [NSFW!]

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    can someone please photoshop a pic of bieber biting it? :)

  • Duckyhoward15

    This is getting old Miley we all saw your nipples

  • Bae

    I dont get the point of showing of your boobs all the time. Seriously, first it was shocking now its just pointless & makes me think she can’t do anything else.
    Where’s your selfrespect miley??

  • boystan

    how shocking

    • Clauber

      I know, i was like really? again?

  • Clauber

    Boring, we all know your boobs Miley its time to show your real talent more often

  • thecat61


  • thecat61

    It’s always a damn problem when Miley does something that most people do.

    And there’s more from where this came from.

    • mountainmiracle

      Umm most people??? Who else does every photo shoot topless????

      • thecat61

        Look around. Alot of celebrities have done it. Look at magazines Vogue, Cosmo and others. There are alot of topless and naked models & celebs. in them.

        • threelittlebirds

          I’ve never seen a topless or naked woman in Cosmo.

          • thecat61

            Ok, maybe not cosmo, but there are plenty of other mags. out there.

          • Cici

            Porn mags? Yep, you’re right.

          • thecat61

            Love mag.

        • mountainmiracle

          maybe so but Miley does every photo shoot topless and it’s starting to look like she’s desperate for attention.

  • Carol

    If anything she DOES have self respect for being proud of her body and unashamed of it. The woman body is a beautiful thing and I love that she’s not afraid of it. Men can show their nipples but women can’t. Why? I love that she’s showing her breasts and she’s comfortable in her own skin. It’s empowering.

    • thecat61

      She did a shoot for German Vogue. Wait till those come out.

      • Zu

        It’s not empowering. It’s not cute for the whole world to see you naked 24/7. It’s called having respect. If my daughter ever ran around doing that I don’t think “empowering” is the way I would describe it. Class is empowering. A woman singing her heart out on stage, live, thats empowering. A woman doing things that she was once not able to do because people thought we as women couldn’t do it, THATS empowering. Anyone can get naked, that is NOT empowering.

        • thecat61

          Did I say anything about empowering? (And by the way, she does sing her heart out on stage)

          She is very confident and not ashamed of her body and I think that’s great. If she wants to do these types of shoots, more power to her. It’s better than doing playboy.

        • Cici

          Preach. & Let’s get real, Miley is not trying to be empowering or represent something new. She is being a dumb 21 year old who wants to run around naked because she doesn’t have any self control. She’s rebelling & she will grow out of it eventually…hopefully before she is 50. Hopefully she will have some class when she matures, or she will be a drug addict.

  • anonymous

    if she was REALLY out there it wouldn’t be #freethenipple it would be #freethevag and #freetheerectpenis and #freesexinpublic

    like where’s the front-on picture of her vagina. and why isn’t she walking around naked all the time?

  • getlikemiley

    I actually really love this picture.

  • Cici

    Woahhh MILEY is NAKED?!? …bored.

  • Redneckatheart

    I’m sooo shocked :O Miley posed naked for all the world to see, forshame! She needs new tricks. This is getting really old. We get that she is comfortable in her skin and that’s great and all, but she doesn’t have to pose nude for everything she does…

  • cerenagee


  • Rosemary

    I will never understand why she would do this. There are so many sick people out there

    • thecat61

      What the hell do sick people have to do with a Photoshoot?

      • threelittlebirds

        She means sick like perverted or pedophiles

        • thecat61

          Well if that’s the case then why would anyone do this? Do y’all tend to forget that she’s not the only one who does shoots like this?

          • threelittlebirds

            I know she’s not the only one, but she’s the only one as of late. And the only women that actually bare it all are in playboy. I have never seen a full frontal naked women in a fashion magazine.

          • thecat61

            You do realize that these shoots took place last year, right. When she was doing her promo tour. These aren’t recent shoots.

          • threelittlebirds

            I know photoshoots are never recent. Not sure when she did it has anything to do with my comment, but ok.

          • thecat61

            I know. It just happens that all 3 are coming out at the same time. That’s crazy.

  • Dara

    She loves showing off her boobs, doesn’t she?

    • kurty

      they r for nick,so he knows what he is missing!

  • Godney

    Bored -.-

  • Anna

    slutty cyrus strikes again!

    • lorde

      shut up selena fans looks at yours she worse

  • I have nothing to say about Naked Miley anymore, I’m a Smiler, this is getting old, Miley. You like to be naked, we know it. Now it’s time to move on and focus on your talent.

    • thecat61

      You just did.

  • Emmatome

    Show your talent, not your nipples, Miley.

    • thecat61

      She will, during her tour.

  • BrokenArrow18

    love this picture

  • BrokenArrow18

    Just because you wouldnt do it doesnt mean she cant show her boobs it’s not like she’s forcing you to look at her pictures lol.