Demi Lovato Nick Jonas ‘Sober Tour’

demi-lovato-nick-jonas-tournemi-jonasThe Neon Lights tour is an ‘all sober tour.’ Demi: ‘Everyone needs to be on point.’ NEMI will be on E! News tonight talking about Neon Lights tour. Listen to Demi EXTRA interview HERE:

‘Addiction is a mental illness. There isn’t a pill to cure. During my disease I couldn’t live without drugs.’ ‘Selena and I have such an amazing friendship. I’ve known her for 14 years.’ ‘I’m not engaged to Wilmer Valderrama. If I was I would be showing the rock off.’

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  • Rosemary

    Nick’s chest hair

  • Anon

    Nick looks like Woody from Toy Story.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lol he does

  • -_-

    she has become overly annoying. SHUT THE FUCK UP DEMI HOVATO, your sober stories are getting fucking old & boring.

  • anonymous

    ‘wilmer’s hoe tour’

  • soft ghetto

    probably the second nick gets out of demi’s sight he lights up a cigar and pours some vodka.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Nick looks sexy here

  • boystan

    i wish i could go to her show

  • Cici

    Nick looks sexy. Demi looks beautiful. I wanna go see her. I need to get on that.

  • Jane Smith

    I don’t understand the whole thing about addiction being a sickness. You aren’t born addicted. At some point in your life you make the choice to snort the drug, smoke the drug, stick a needle in your arm, etc. You aren’t born wanting that. It was a choice and then because you did it, it became an addiction and then you “recovered” from it or you died from it and everyone is so happy for you or mourns and says how hard it was for you. Maybe if you don’t make the choice to do the drug in the first place you wouldn’t have so many problems. I’m so over all these celebrities and their addictions. They make a boatload of money, choose to shoot up, become addicted, then THEY DIE, and we are supposed to be SO SAD. Well, I’m not sad. WHAT SO EVER.

    • Anna

      Well someone knows absolutely nothing about addictions. Seriously the most ignorant comment about drug use I have ever seen.