Selena Gomez NOT Alcohol, Drug Addict

selena-gomez-gallery (1)Why did Selena Gomez spend two-weeks at Dawn At The Meadows. Source told Billboard: ‘Project wellness. She was burnt out after a relentless year of back-to-back films, concerts, TV, touring and all the promotional work that goes along with it. She needed a break.

Selena enjoyed her share of partying in 2013, ending the year with a vow to ‘get healthy. But that doesn’t mean she’s hooked to booze, Ambien and pot. She’s not that girl.

Does she party and have the occasional joint? Yes. Does she drink when she goes out? Yes. But she’s not struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism. I’ve never seen her out of control. There’s no needle dangling out of her arm.’

There’s also the allegation that Selena left the treatment facility and was spotted next at the Sundance Film Festival and partying with Bieber. Selena’s rep: ‘She had prior commitments at Sundance’ and felt that she didn’t need to return to rehab upon leaving Sundance.

Do insiders consider ‘project wellness’ a success? ‘She’s only 21. She struggles with the same types of emotional issues anyone her age does. She’s allowed to make bad decisions. She’s concerned about him, but she’s not caught in a similar downward spiral.’


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  • javi g

    i didn’t know billboard had a gossip page? also so many stories about her time in rehab. i think the best medicine for any mental issues is staying with family relax and enjoy life and don’t worry about what douche bags say. specially d-bags from this website.

  • A Cat

    Mental and physical health over everything.

    No matter what she was in for, I’m happy that she recognized that she needed time for herself in order to live a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. Sometimes you just need to slow down.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Does she party and have the occasional joint? Yes.” Been saying this shit and as usual no one believed me. Selena said people do not know her like they think they do. Not even her fans.

    I’m glad she sought help before anything went too far but still two weeks isn’t enough to heal anyone, whatever the real issue is.

  • ldpd

    Ashley Benson needs to stage an intervention for her undercover lover!

  • jayde

    There’s no needle dangling out of her arm.
    – this made me laugh. not the image of it because thats disturbing but the word dangling. why would you pick that word for the sentence lol idk, just found it weird.

    • tyui

      this sound selena made up, she not doing anything all there is stories of her munching off on Justin fame and miley and demi, but she lazy and not doing anything but attached her name to famous people who are actually working like miley and demi and Justin, get your lazy ass and go to work instead of attaching yooir name to famous people who are actually working!

      • stonerboner

        Justin isn’t doing shit. He’s a fucking shame and an embarrassment to Canada.

        • cerenagee

          Not only to Canada he’s just an embarrassment to the world.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          He doesn’t embarrass me.

      • jayde

        ^^ why is this in reply to my comment? i’m confused.

  • Cici

    Sounds like we will never know the actual reason why she went…but I hope she got control over it so she doesn’t have to go back.

  • thecat61

    Usually someone takes a vacation from being stressed out not go to rehab.

    • lorde

      I know right if you are stress out you go on vacation not to rehab unless she could be covering a pregnancy abortion she did have a belly for a while and probably took it out!
      also, she seem to be using all the famous people name to keep her name up, first Justin then demi and finally miley really selena are you and your team that desperate to keep you revelant how about working!
      we all can tell she was out of control for a while always laughting and smiling and losing her temper she was in a happy drugs for sure and she was also drinking even Justin said she gets drunk on his song.

      • cerenagee

        This is absolutely by far the most ridiculous comment I’ve read.

      • javi g

        wait i think is you that is taking those happy drugs. and whats is so wrong about smiling and laughing?

      • LAChris08

        There are places you go to destress with the help of trained professional psychiatrists who specialize in helping people get over stress. Vacation may not help some people, as they may not be able to just destress themselves, constantly thinking about the problems, no one to talk about it with, no one to help them through it. Thats when you go to a rehabilitation place. Rehab is a lot more than just drugs and alcohol.

    • threelittlebirds

      Maybe she didn’t want to be surrounded by a ton of people. It will just make stress worse.

      • thecat61

        Private island!?

  • micheal
  • cerenagee

    She sounds like a normal 21 year old. I’m glad she got the help that she needed. Its never a bad thing to get help – that takes strength. Glad she has people like demi in her life to support her and want her better. I love Selena forever – flaws and everything.

    • party

      selena fans are such hypocrites, when miley was the one doing drugs or grinding on guys you all went out she such a bad role model blah blah blah now that selena has done all that miley has done is, great she getting help to cover up all the name batching you all call miley, well I guess selena is a bad role model and she a slut according to her very own hand, miley fans are loving how selena fans have to eat their own vomit now!!!! jajajajajjaaaj

      • cerenagee

        no not at all true. Selena isn’t doing all that Miley is doing. Miley thinks the things she’s doing is okay – she promotes it to her fans. Whether or not selena went to rehab for alcohol/weed or whether it was just for stress and all that she NEVER promoted it to her fans or even made it seem okay. She got help for it. Selena also is not a slut so idk what you’re talking about. She holds herself very well and presents herself in a classy way. I am a Miley fan so you can shove that garbage up your ass. But just because I’m a fan of Miley doesn’t mean I won’t express my opinion when she’s acting trashy, promoting drugs and saying its okay to be slutty and act like you don’t give a fuck. there is a verrrrry big difference between miley and selena.

  • javi g

    i was reading the latest tmz crap. i think if you are bashing both of them at least post a credible story. i never seen pics of selena smoking weed or drinking at parties. if they are why no one has shown them. and don’t come with that crap of her team pays for not showing it. if that where the case bieber’s team would have erase his pictures along time ago.also she’s 21 people she can drink and party with moderation. if she smokes weed well its her some cases you can controlled it.

    • cerenagee

      it would be very naive of us to believe she doesn’t smoke weed. i don’t doubt for a second she has a hit/joint here and there.

      • LAChris08

        i agree. She has said she has gotten drunk, she has a lot of friends who use weed. Hitting a joint or two occasionally is no big deal. It becomes a problem when its overused. Justin smoked out on a plane when he knew he was gonna get searched. That’s an example of a problem. Hitting a joint while chilling with friends, not really an issue.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I still think she went bc of a mental breakdown. and lol at her fans denying to death she smokes or drinks like if it was the most horrible thing in t he world

  • boystan

    it looks like she’s holding a blunt