Selena Gomez Stalker Brodnicki Is Back!

selena-gomez-stalkerThomas Brodnicki, who already has a restraining order against him for stalking Selena Gomez is after her again, reports FOX News. LAPD is actively trying to find Thomas Brodnicki, who just last month sent Selena an email violating the restraining order.

The email indicates that Brodnicki continues to be obsessed with her. He said ‘I love you more with each passing day’ and details a time and place to meet her after the restraining order expires. The LAPD says it is essential to find Brodnicki to safeguard Selena from ‘physical harm, due to Brodnicki’s prior death threats’.

In September of 2011, Brodnicki was arrested and charged with felony stalking after he travelled from Illinois to California and tried several ways to contact Selena, including trying to gain entry to Disney Studio property.

In the search warrant, police detail their interview with him at the time: ‘Brodnicki made delusional statements that he and (Gomez) were involved in a relationship and destined to be together.. Brodnicki expressed a delusion fixation.. and made several statements that he intended to kill (Gomez).’

Candids of Selena at drive-thru Starbucks HERE!

Stalking charges were later dismissed for insufficient evidence, but a restraining order against him was issued. It remains in effect through January of next year and specifically prohibits him from contacting her in any form, including email.

According to the search warrant, Brodnicki has a history of stalking arrests and convictions in Illinois and Iowa. According to police records, Brodnicki was sentenced to three years in jail in Illinois for stalking a waitress in a Chicago suburb. Court documents show that he had harassed her for more than eight years.


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol I love this Gif.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I will never understand stalkers nor do I want to.

  • thecat61

    I hope they find this jackass and lock him up for good.

  • HolyGround

    That is so scary and messed up.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh. LOCK THIS GUY UP. If anyone is a threat, it’s this guy. Not Bieber or Lohan. He reminds me of a guy that stalked my aunt’s friend for 28 years without sufficient police intervention.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    how did he get her email?

  • boystan

    that’s so scary

  • Jake

    But yet if a girl were to do all this, no one bats an eye. Ha! How hypocritical. If this were a belieber, for example, it wouldn’t even be on any websites. Why is it that when a guy does something that’s not even as drastic as this, it’s considered “creepy”. Girls are so effing annoying and then want to talk about equality crap. If they want to be treated equally then so should men in these types of situations. I know this guy is wrong and psycho, and should be arrested, but female fans do it all the time and where’s their stories? No, this is not okay

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Not all women want exact equal rights as men.
      If this was a girl I would be ‘batting eyes’ and asking questions because being stalked is scary and just CREEPY. He went beyond being just a fan, male or female it’s not right.

  • Better lovestory than Twilight

    Aww, I ship them <3