Justin Bieber Strip Searched In Jail!

Watch hottie Justin Bieber strip searched by a big man in Miami Beach jail!

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  • ayy lmao

    i want the full version of this!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Pat that ass down. Woo!
    No seriously, this is invasion of privacy.
    TMZ are scums.

    • Duckyhoward15

      TMZ are the worst but well Media changed and they live on scandals :/

    • Jessica

      and yet, you are all watching this!

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        What’s your point? I’m not the one that paid for the video so I could release it to the public for personal gain.

  • what

    “Watch hottie Justin Bieber strip searched by a big man in Miami Beach jail!”

    Can I pass?

  • Lau

    I would like to know how much $$$ TMZ has paid to some cop to get the tape. BTW it’s funny when he grab his HUGE pants

    • Duckyhoward15

      He will probably be fired now

  • Mélanie

    aaand what ?Let’s be clear I really don’t like him but this is just the police stuff and It’s weak to make a screenshot of that particular moment , ahhh ocean up , grew up :)

  • lorde

    its sad to see Justin such a telnted good kid be in trouble not everyone has his gift, he a really good entertainer and not because someone he love selena betray him, by he finding out she was using him for his fame doesn’t mean he should throw is life away for a worthless girl like her. she not even good at what she does, find someone who is not using you and throw out all those who are using you, starting with your friend, selena and your own father.

  • meh

    is it weird to feel sorry for him that tmz leaked it?

  • demo
    • stonerboner

      He went to jail for a DUI. Fucking Bieber fans are defending him and on his side but he could have KILLED someone. HE is out of control. He needs help.

      • Cici

        Right. This generation is fucking stupid.

        • javi g

          wait until they legalize marijuana they are going to be complete morons.

          • thecat61

            Just read an article regarding the sale of marijuana in Colorado. The state is raking in millions upon millions in weed revenue. It could make 100 million this year.

    • Cici

      It’s not really that believable. Just made up stories to go with the rumors.

    • javi g

      pictures or dididnt happen. tmz always have pics of bieber at parties. and none of selena.why?where are those pics of her smoking weed or drinking competitively and don’t tell me that crap that selena’s team pays to erase pics. because if that where the case bieber’s team would have erase his pics of him parying along time ago.

      • JD

        Naive Selena fan. She posted pics of herself drinking many times, she bought cigarets and everyone knows she smoked weed. At the end of the day it’s just weed, smoking an actual plant is way more harmless then even alcohol, so there’s nothing wrong with legalizing it. You won’t die from it, but you will from harder drugs.

      • Guest

        Bieber is pictures in public clubs and party’s. But not in his own house or friends houses, I am sure Selena could do all that shit in private party’s or areas. Of course he will be pictured and tmz will report it cause they follow him everywhere, they don’t give a shit about Selena and plus he’s in public places.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Selena isn’t a fool, she wants to protect her career and her fans because she knows most of them are young and impressionable. She has trustworthy people around her, she keeps her private life as far away from public viewing as possible. Think about it, have we seen many close up pictures of Gracie? Nope.

        Bieber on the other hand has people around him that are selling this shit to TMZ and he’s gullible to think they’re looking out for him. He’ll see one day.

  • anonymous

    aw haw haw OU his hand is INSIDE his ass!!


      lmao why did people V this?

      • anonymous

        i’ve got my own set of ‘haters’. not really. haters don’t exist

  • Cici

    His pants are too big. Why doesn’t he wear clothes that fit?

    • thecat61

      Better yet, why don’t kids (boys) his age wear clothes that fit?

      • Cici

        Exactly. I really thought sagging & oversized clothing went out a few years ago. Atleast where I’m at it is.

        • thecat61

          The public schools where I’m at have a dress code now. But that won’t stop them from wearing their baggy shit on their own time.


      because he’s super thin and small he does it to feel more pimp

      • Cici

        so true. Poor little thing. He needs a hug

  • sorry not sorry

    Justin Bieber is an idiot and an embrassment. I’m glad TMZ leaked the tape, hopefully he feels ashamed and stops egging peoples homes. He’s such a tool. He has a great voice but he is childish and makes okay music.

  • boystan


  • whoop!

    I have no pity for him