maia-mitchell-teen-vogue (49)Australian actress Maia Mitchell, 20, featured in Teen Vogue. Maia’s ABC Family show The Fosters, is now most popular show after Pretty Little Liars.

Maia: ‘I’ve never loved a role this much. If you look beyond her hard life, Callie and I are similar. She’s sweet, loyal, and loving. A family member of mine went through a situation like Callie’s, with a foster kid.

Recently the cast introduced her at a dinner in Washington, DC, When we stepped offstage, Jennifer Lopez hugged me and said, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ She’s awesome. There is abuse and mistreatment [In the foster care system]. In later episodes, Callie will spend time with girls dealing with a more difficult foster upbringing.’

’60s folk icon Joni Mitchell as her musical inspiration and Claire Danes as her acting idol: ‘I want to do theater, TV, movies. As long as the role allows me to grow as an actress and a person.’