Nick J, ‘We Reimagined Demi’s Songs’

Creative director Nick Jonas revealed to MTV about Demi Lovato’s upcoming Neon Lights Tour: ‘There’s a lot of exclusive content for this tour. Demi came to the whole team just on the creative side both video and music.

And she said I want to give fans something special for every bit of the show.’ Demi: ‘I was also really inspired by Beyonce, who had a music video for every single song on the album. And some of these I had music video ideas for a while and.. I’m excited for people to see it.’

Nick: ‘What we did, we looked online to what her fans wanted to hear and what she has played on the last couple tours and just said ‘Ok these are the songs we should play, how can we reimagine them?’ and make them sound like her sound now,’

So a lot of these songs aren’t even the original arrangements. They’ve been completely reimagined.’ Demi: ‘We’ve made them more current too, so we’ve transformed songs that went to being made a couple years ago to actually sounding like today’s music.’

While Demi has admitted that ‘there’s plans to collaborate’ with Fifth Harmony while on the road, she did not reveal whether or not she and Nick will hit the stage together: ‘We’ve always had collaborations with music so that’s not something that’s new to us, but we have to keep come secrets. So.. maybe.’

Demi is not only getting behind the microphone; she will also be playing some of the instruments. During rehearsal the pink-haired pop star was seen getting behind the piano, rocking out on the guitar and pounding the drums.


  • Some Dude

    If her “Don’t Forget” songs sound like EDM and not how they’re supposed to, I’m demanding a refund, Nicholas.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Hehehe, I wanted them to date at one point.

  • ♥ ♥

    It could either go two ways, from concerts i’ve been to when they change the style of the song that I like I either think it’s cool and a fun change or I just want to hear it like the album version instead of it being changed into some experimental bhangra or something. You can’t really sing along and dance to the songs you love the same when there changed a lot.

  • ladylove

    I still don’t get the whole ‘Nick as the creative director’ thing… could she not find someone better?? Not trying to hate, just seriously don’t understand this.. Hopefully it ends up great

    • burnin’ up for nick

      what do you mean someone better, you do know that nick is better than demi will ever be and more proffesional right? he literally made her, she wouldn’t be relevant if it were’nt for opening for the jobros 198989987000 times on their past tours and co-riting/producing a ton of her songs. won’t be relevant today, remember when demi dated joe and thats how she go so popular, i love the both btw

  • boystan

    why didn’t i buy tickets for her show