Selena Gomez Rehab Shocking Details

selena-gomez-rehab-shocking-detailsNew shocking details of Selena Gomez in rehab. Credit: STAR Magazine.

‘Justin Bieber is a lost little boy.’ On checking into rehab: ‘Pool Selena desperatably tried to put on a brave face, but it became clear she was struggling. In the end, she decided to go for treatment. She was heavily into the drug Molly.

Selena was very polite and interacted with other patients in the facility. She stayed very active and frequented common areas. She worked out daily at the gym, ate in the cafeteria three times a day and attended group sessions.

She told the group she was struggling with Justin’s infidelity and and his obsession with hooking up with other women. She learned form mutual friends time adn again that Justin was cheating and that knowledge was breaking her heart.

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    We already have 3 or so post about this.

    • cerenagee

      really though

  • cerenagee

    i love the way the magazines use all these crazy adjectives to make it seem like 54678643687 million x worse.

  • BoredAtHome

    I get the feeling Selena lets just about any guy she shares a relationship with ‘ruin’ her emotionally or whatever you want to call it. Sounds a whole lot like her breakup with Nick. Not trying to be rude because I love the girl, I’m a fan of her work, but everyone goes through breakups etc..There is life after the rocky road. Just saying.

    • uio

      well nick never become his boyfriend because he never loves her because she was using him for fame

  • Anon

    So she keeps going back to an idiot who she knows is banging everything moving including nasty ass groupies,strippers and prostitutes.Whatever STD’s she got from him she deserved.

  • Hellllllooo

    What if Selena got an STD from Justin, and dealing with the reality of it is just too much for her? Oh the possibilities of why she went to rehab are endless!

  • thecat61

    WTF is this shit? Sounds like a novel.

  • boystan

    nah did she really go to rehab?

    • fghjk

      yes because she was in drugs

    • durp


  • laura

    wtf when did he ever cheat on her? I always read that she was the one who cheated on him. Anywho, I’m really starting to get fed up with all these stories of Selena in rehab and why she was there. Seriously, she was there two weeks so I’m pretty sure nothing has changed in her life.

  • A

    I cannot stand girls like this, who blame things like( drug problems) on there ex. How you own up to your sh*t instead blaming it on this kid that already as half the world hating him and his own problems to fix.

    • A

      How about..
      Has his own

    • anon

      Selena herself never said anything tho

  • mahley cyres

    dancing with molllllyyyyy doing whatever we waaaaanttttt