Lorde & James Lowe True Love Photo

lorde-james-lowe-true-love-picture (2)Lorde & James Lowe intimately and lovingly cuddle while together in New Zealand in January. It’s so nice to finally see a real relationship after seeing all other former teen stars faking multiple relationships for publicity. Photo by Evan Tetrault.

Lorde will headline the Preakness Stakes’ InfieldFest concert on May 17: ‘We believe Lorde is cutting edge. Some people think she’s the next Madonna or Lady Gaga.’ Rep: This year’s InfieldFest marks the sixth year since the Preakness Stakes’ infield shifted its focus from alcohol-fueled debauchery to providing a music festival environment at the Triple Crown event.


  • Cici

    So true & so sweet. They really are cute together.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    They’re strange, like I can’t put my finger on it or wrap my mind around them as a couple… I like strange. :)

  • honesty

    Kinda cute!

  • Duckyhoward15

    Is she started to use it for media now ? hmm hmm hmm

  • liza

    OMG he is sooooo UGLY!!! Yeah ugly as HELL!!!!… love is BLIND I guess!

    • honesty


  • Becks

    Awww! A 25 yr old MAN with his gf that he started dating when she was a 16 yr old underage girl. Yes, true love indeed…

    • Ash

      16 isn’t underage in New Zealand…

      • becks

        That may be true, but in some countries, age of consent can be 13yrs old. That doesn’t make it right. If he just turned 20,that’s fine, but he’s in his mid 20s. Which makes it rlly creepy.

        • Silver

          True. Thanks. Just because the age of consent is 16 in New Zealand does not make it less weird and alarming. There is a reason why other countries have it higher…. Guess New Zealand trusts its males a lot. But this I simply can not accept.

  • lucy


  • Bleeker

    God lord! What hideous couple! And cue butt hurt comment about my own physical appearance in 5..4…3..

    • Guest


  • nolitaa

    i happen to think they look very sweet together. they care about one another and love each other so that’s what should matter most; and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it is (unfortunately) rude as fuck and totally disrespectful.

  • boystan

    zamn zaddy

  • dislikelorde

    Next Lady Gaga my ass.