Miley Cyrus ‘America Is Bullsh*t!’

miley-america-bullshit (91)miley-america-bullshit (1)Miley is pissed about DMX/ Zimmerman fight and responded to prom invite.

  • Bad

    Oh bo ho
    Cry me a river

  • thecat61

    She’s right. You shouldn’t make a murderer a celebrity.

    Of course OU didn’t post what she said.

    • rant

      i don’t know who would thumb down your comment, but whoever did that is an idiot. i totally agree with you tho, why on earth is george zimmerman being glamorized for murdering an innocent kid? it still sickens me that he’s got away with it scott free & is now a goddamn celebrity… america just loves to glamorize idiots (kardashians, teen mom, zimmerman) #GODBLESSAMERICA

      • thecat61

        I’m sure it’ll be pay per view. So yeah pretty sure he’s getting something.

  • BangBang

    The whole DMX/Zimmerman fight is a mess! Not only are they making a “celebrity’ of a killer (who’ll probably get paid to do this) AND most importantly they are disrespecting Trayvon and his family and making a mockery out of his death! I don’t get why people want to waste their time on Zimmerman! Oh and DMX isn’t in the right state of mind to be fighting…

  • laura

    Wait, what happened? I know who Zimmerman is and what he did but that’s all I know about..

    • honesty

      There was going to be a celebrity boxing match with him and whoever wanted to fight him or something.

      • laura

        That is wrong and disgusting and I hope it is illegal, too..

        • honesty

          Ikr. People were saying Trayvon’s dad needs to be the one to box him and stuff. It’s just stupid.

  • boystan

    so is your ratchet white twerking kween act

  • thecat61

    The fights been cancelled!!!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I agree with her on this.

  • thecat61

    So she’s unable to go to the prom with the kid but she invited him to spend the day with her when she’s in AZ. Tux and gown and pics, please!

  • anonymous

    Damn OceanUP, you really know how to catch someone’s attention with your BULLSHIT headlines..Miley never said america was bullshit. she said the fact that people in america are making zimmerman famous after all he’s done is bullshit.

  • cerenagee

    I completely agree with her on this. More power to her for saying g something. I wish she spoke out against stuff like this more often. She’d be so much more cool to me if she did. But whatever. I love her love for Mary Jane. That dog is a cutie and I love it when owners actually treat their animals right