• Cici

    Why aren’t they married & whatnot?? SO cute. Such chemistry.

    • Anna

      Honestly I think ed would be good for Taylor, but ed is following the bro code and I respect him for that. He wont date Taylor because harry dated her. Harry and ed are really good friends!

    • boystan

      she’s too pretty for him :/

      • Rah

        Well hopefully she’s not so shallow as you.

  • boystan

    what a fucking queen

  • laura

    Ed is such a cutie! And I absolutely adore how down to earth he is. I seriously have a weak spot for gingers haha

  • HolyGround

    They are the two cutest people ever I swear. Their voices together are beautiful. And I love Taylor’s hair soo much

  • Emmatome

    The song is perfect and I absolutely love their chemistry. These two are meant to be.