Joe Jonas & Blanda RAW For The Oceans

'RAW for the Oceans'Joe Jonas attended RAW for the Oceans’ Long-term Collaboration Between Bionic Yarn and G-Star Turning Pcean Plastic into Denim Blue Carpet Arrivals. + Blanda Eggenschwiler and Gigi Hadid at Prabal Aftery Party. Photos: WENN.

+ Janda at Custo Barcelona show. More pix here via @lovanas.

Joe Jonas told E! News about Alena Rose: ‘She is so tiny, it kind of scares me. She was awake, kicking and smiling and grabbing for your finger. It’s mind blowing and exciting. I honestly can’t wait to spend more time with her.

I mean Kevin is a dad now and it’s kinda crazy. I know he has not gotten much sleep. He instagrammed a picture at like 2 PM saying ‘good morning’ with the baby so he was probably was up all night with her as she was crying.

I don’t want to sound cheesy saying that but you just want to spend more time with each other and you are just excited for the next chapter for each other’s lives.’ Does Joe have baby fever want kids with Blanda soon? ‘I will take my time. I will take my time with running around and having my fun. Down the road.’

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  • Anon

    Gosh they’re such an annoying couple!

    • Anon

      I know right!

    • GentileJewel

      It is more You that is annoying!

  • Nana

    They’re so cute/adorable

  • Bo

    Why the hell she’s all the time stuck at him? It’s okay she’s his girlfriend but she’s not famous like to going at red carpets and stuff like that…

    • threelittlebirds

      He invites her?

      • anon

        More like she invites herself.

        • The Real QueenBee

          And how would you know that? You don’t. You’re assuming because that’s what you want it to be. But you know about what they say about people who assume!

          • Bo

            And how would you know that she doesn’t invites herself? It’s kinda obvious she does.

        • threelittlebirds

          Yea ok, cause god forbid a boyfriend invite his girlfriend anywhere.

  • ty

    i love him soooooo much

  • Pixita

    Such a perfect couple, love them together.

  • boystan


  • shanghai

    What I wonder is how much he is getting paid to sit front row. Some of these “celebrities” are paid huge money and all the focus is on them not even the clothes. Meanwhile many of the models are lucky if they get paid at all! So is this Joe’s job now just going to fashion shows – kind of pathetic and sad really.

    • shoushonas

      I thought the same… Looks like he needs some “paps attention” too. he will get irrelevant if he doesn’t start making music or something.

      • GentileJewel

        Oh! Shut Up! Prick!

    • anon

      Someone who saw them yesterday said they left because they had to stand lol I don’t think that was all on Joe’s part knowing the famewhore he’s dating.

    • GentileJewel

      Actually! Moron! It could be that he loves fashion! And always has! He also is a writer for it so he has to be there!

  • Ridetheocean

    Joe should just ditch the bland beard and come out,we all pretty much know he is gay.

    • GentileJewel

      And we all know you are stupid and that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Butthead!

      • Ridetheocean

        your Ignorant,he clearly is and there is nothing wrong with Joe being gay at all. two words for you Martin Barlan (his ex)

      • Ridetheocean

        Hello Blanda ;)