Kylie & Kendall Handbag & Shoe Line

So excited to announce that Kylie and I have been working on a new shoe and handbag collab with @SteveMadden for Madden Girl! It will be available at @Nordstrom soon! #KendallKylieMaddenGirl

Will YOU buy Kylie & Kendall Jenner’s Steve Madden line of purses or shoes?

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  • laura

    I am so buying their shoes and purses when I’m in America this summer :o I seriously can’t wait!

  • Cici

    Uhm yes!!!!

  • Alii

    I love Steve Madden. This should be good.

  • Common sense

    Uh duhhhhhhh I love their style and clothes.

    Sucks though while they’re getting richer off our money were getting poorer, #ohwell

  • boystan

    yass they look hot

  • Emmatome

    They both look way older than they actually are.

  • cerenagee

    They’re perfect