Lucy Hale Nervous Girls Acoustic

  • Cici

    I want to love it, but I can’t. It’s okay…her vocals aren’t amazing or anything. I wonder if she will take Taylor’s spot in country/pop little girl music..

    • boystan


      • Cici


  • boystan


  • Jason

    I agree. I don’t say it to be mean or rude to her, but there’s nothing really special about her. Her voice is alright, but I’ve heard better. She’s pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous. And no one would know about her if it wasn’t for the PLL show, and when that’s over, no one will care. Say what you want about her, but Taylor Swift dominated the country/pop route, and anything else, no matter how much it’s emphasized, will seem like a bad copy. She’s too pop for country, and too country for pop. So, she’s just kind of there. She’s going to have to work really hard to make any sort of difference, because right now, it’s just “blah.”

  • Gabrielle

    it’s fine to me and I appreciate this song. <3 it's simple but beautiful <3

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