Miley ‘I Don’t Like People Copying Me’

miley-boobies-2Miley Cyrus German Vogue interview. Lately you dress revealing, why that transformation? I don’t know why there is such a fuss about that. I got bored with my long hair, so I cut it off. I didn’t want to provoke with it, but I have changed and grew up a bit. But a lot of people copy this hairstyle now.

I don’t like that, so I guess I have to change my look again because I hate it when everyone looks the same. I am more for individuality. Even if you scandalize with it?

Well, I am not really a normal person. My job allows me to go out how I like it. There are no taboo’s when it comes to revealing outfits and crazy hair styles. In the end I work in the entertainment industry, which is a plus for me.

Just because I can unfold myself without any problems. But at the same time I am convinced that all teenagers should free themselves from the things that constrict them. That’s why I want to encourage their self-fulfilment.

Does that mean you want to be a role model for people your age? Why not? Especially teenagers need someone they can identify with, someone who gives the impression ‘you and I, we are on the same wavelength’.

Most parents would prefer it if you still were the lovely Hannah Montana from the TV show. It was my desire to break away from this image. I’ve had enough from the ponytail. I didn’t want to be the nice one anymore. With my haircut I kinda broke off the chains and admitted to what I am: a young woman. I needed to be brave for that decision. I can’t hide behind my hair anymore. That people can stare right in my face all the time.

Aren’t you used to that? You’ve been in the spotlight since you were a little child. And I loved it. Even though I had less free time than other children, I never felt overstrained and I have never been under pressure. I’m just a fighter. I have five siblings and I am the middle child, so I always wanted to get attention. That’s what helped me a lot to establish myself in the show business.

Is that the reason you were naked on a wrecking ball? Well, this video was like a coup for me. I don’t have to keep this pretty façade alive anymore, but I can be myself.

Does that shock your godmother Dolly Parton? Not at all. She always stayed true to herself. I’ve learned from her that it is impossible to be loved by everyone. No matter what I do, someone will always dislike it. That’s why it isn’t worth it to pretend to be someone else. I think everyone should do what he or she thinks is right.

Which dreams do you want to fulfil? Tough question. Of course the entertainment industry annoys me a lot. It’s pretty uncomfortable to be photographed by paparazzi all the time. Sometimes I think: that’s it. I will quit my career and leave the public eye. I don’t know if that is gonna happen one day. I guess I am a walking opposition that changes her mind all the time. So, we have to see what the future brings.

Maybe a new movie? I don’t know. I haven’t been in front of a camera in a while. I’m not a passionate actress because I don’t like to pretend to be someone I am not. Why should I become a strange character when I prefer to be the real Miley Cyrus.

For example while singing? Exactly. When I recorded my album ‘Bangerz’ I was my own director. I was able to realize all my visions instead of just listening to the director at a movie set. I liked that a lot. I love to have everything under control. But that doesn’t mean I will never act again. Maybe one day I will be inspired by a role. Like I said: I’m a walking opposition.

‘..Angel. Politics, for example, mean a lot to me. No wonder: my grandpa was a politician and I learned a lot from him. For example, that all people have the right to be themselves. Regardless of the consequences, of course. What makes you happy, shouldn’t harm others. That’s why my grandpa always listened to people. He weighed all the points out before he formed his own opinion about a topic. Unfortunately I am not as smart as he was. I tend to be stubborn.’

That doesn’t prevent you from stating your political opinion on Twitter. Although we are living in the twenty-first century and although America is so proud of being a free country, a lot of crazy things happen in our society. There’s racism and discrimination. I am fighting against it. I want more tolerance especially regarding homosexuals, who should be allowed to get married, of course.

Your commitment shows that you are very mature for a 21-year-old. There’s still something childish in me. I will never lose this part, not even when I am an old lady. Whatever. I don’t consider birthdays as something important because they don’t turn me into a new person. I am always Miley. Please don’t ask me if I feel like an adult at the moment. I don’t have an answer to that.

Does that mean the ‘Party Miley’ continues? Like everyone else in my generation I like to party. But my life isn’t all about partying. It’s actually the opposite. I don’t need action all the time. I don’t like talking to strangers. I prefer inviting friends to my house. At home it’s like at a hotel, there is always someone sleeping over at my place otherwise I would feel lost at my huge house.

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  • threelittlebirds

    But doesn’t she copy people all the time???

    • Q

      No she was not copy people

      • threelittlebirds

        Have you been living under a rock?

        • Silver

          lol. Nice one.

    • roxanneXD


  • mountainmiracle

    I love how she’s asked about dressing revealing and she talks about her hair. And it’s not like she was the first celebrity to cut their hair so I don’t understand why she thinks people are copying her.

    • miranda

      because lots of people did cut their hair after she did in that style though so i would think they were copying me too

    • BrokenArrow18

      because some people actually copied her hair style lol

      • mountainmiracle

        Pretty sure no one shaved the sides their hair so their not copying miley.

  • Cici

    Well a ton more contradictions here, but what’s new? Glad she admitted she cut her hair off to escape her past. She may be growing up a tiny bit. But she needs to realize she is not that original in anyway. Only thing I will give her is that cheap ugly ass art she likes to advertise with.

    • thecat61

      She knows she contradict’s herself. She said so in an interview. It wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t. Lol

      • bosco

        That’s because she’s a priveleged dumbass with a lot of connections. (billy ray)

        • thecat61

          And you never contradict yourself?

          • mountainmiracle

            Everyone contradicts themselves but the thing with miley is it’s everything she says.

          • Godney

            Everybody contradict themself growing up… but contradicting themself so much in a year?… i dont think thats “normal”

          • thecat61

            What is normal nowadays?

          • Godney

            Not contradicting yourself in every interview?…maybe?

  • citycitygirl

    many women already were wearing that hairstyle -_-
    miley is really annoying sometimes

    • Godney

      the pixie cut was already in before she cutted her hair

      • thecat61

        The pixie cut started in the 50’s. These celebs are bringing that look back.

        • Godney

          Yes, that is true. But Miley did not started the trend back.

      • gest

        cutted,you need to stfu lol. just stop

  • guest

    So…if anyone decides to cut their hair short, god forbid a blond woman, they’re copying her? Has she ever heard of Pink?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This fool.

  • Jeff

    Miley is so ridiculous. There is nothing original about her. She must be smoking some good pot because she has no idea about reality. Madonna, Blondie etc did it first and did it a lot better.

    • Godney

      Blondie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    I know this is going to sound whack (iknowiknowiknow), but I think she could be a role model for teens if she toned down her act. As much as she thinks she is, she isn’t a role model at all at this moment, but if she went a little ways in another direction, she might be able to strive for it. *shrugs and nonchalantly drinks imaginary tea like an educated scholar*

    • Godney

      What kinda annoyed me about her talking about teenagers

      “But at the same time I am convinced that all teenagers should free themselves from the things that constrict them…”

      Is that NO… in the teenage years is where a parent should be strict without being unreazonable… and she is telling them to like fuck that fuck whatever.

      And those are the years parents need to take care of their kids the most… those are the years that can define your young adultyears…

      Its parenting 101 tbh

  • cerenagee

    She’s a walking contradiction. She originally said she cut her hair to look like twiggy and now the story has changed and now everyone’s copying her hair style? Who? Jlaw? Cuz I promise you jlaw cut her hair because it was damaged. And miley takes a little bit off of every major celebs style and tries to be that. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Gwen steffani, pink, rihanna…..girl stop.

    • thecat61

      She never said she wanted to look like twiggy. She said one day my hair will look like this. Judy Carne from laugh-in had the same hairstyle. So I guess you can call her a copy cat. Lol

      • cerenagee

        I specifically remember her saying the idea for her short hair came from twiggy

        • thecat61

          How many celebs decided to get the pixie look after the fact. I’m not saying they copied Miley, twiggy or whomever, but it did start a trend. Thats how it is in hollywood.

          Like Miley’s shoot with german vogue. You can say she’s trying to copy marilyn monroe or madonna but she’s actually channeling them. That’s the type of shoot she or vogue wanted to do. And I think it turned out great.

          Who was the actress who did a photoshoot that resembled Audrey Hepburn?

          • Godney

            “channeling them”?…

            the fuck? lol

            Oh and honey…

            Michelle Williams started the short hair looong time ago,
            Also, Emma Watson did the short hair before miley.

            So no, Miley did not started a damn thing.


          • thecat61

            Michelle Williams did not start the short hair a long time ago, honey!!!

          • Godney

            were you born when she cutted her hair for the first time?

          • thecat61

            Were you born when Jamie Lee Curtis cut her hair short?

          • Godney

            Oh so that means you know Miley did not started this pixie trend back?

            cmon… its not like she is Jennifer Aniston in Friends.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            So Miley’s “channeling them” while the rest are copying her.. Right. OK

          • cerenagee

            I don’t even remember but I know exactly what you’re talking about. And what do you mean how many celebs got a pixie cut after? I can think of one. Jlaw. Who else? Getting your hair cut is not something miley started. Channeling a celeb in a shoot is different than completely jocking the shit out of their style like she has done with Britney, Madonna, rihanna, Gwen steffani and pink just to name a “few”. She even said to Brittany I did this because you did it. How is that not copying?

          • thecat61

            Pam Anderson, Riri, Ann Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Kristen Chenowith, Jennifer Hudson, Lena Dunham. Just to name a few.

            Mia Farrow and Twiggy started it all.

          • cerenagee

            Sorry but no. Not a single one of those people are copying Miley.

            Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson have gone back and forth w. short hair longggg before Miley so no. Sorry but I completely disagree with you.

          • thecat61

            The short hair thing is a trend that’s hitting hollywood today. I never said they were copying Miley.

            And yeah Beyonce, Riri and Jennifer Hudson wear wigs. So basically you can say they have short hair. lol

          • Godney

            And miley wore a wig (or extencions whatever) so she never had long hair… and Rihanna did cut her hair

          • thecat61

            Miley wore extensions. People still do today. She took them out and got her hair cut shoulder length. She decided to get the pixie look when she was working on her album.

          • cerenagee

            I’m confused. I must have misunderstood you because I thought you were saying all those people copied miley.

          • thecat61

            No, I didn’t say that. It’s the trend right now in hollywood.

          • Godney

            Pam Andersond had short hair before, so did rihanna, so did beyonce, so did jennifer hudson.

          • thecat61

            Pam Anderson just got her pixie cut not to long ago along with Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson.

          • Godney

            sweety… beyonce had sort hair before. google it ;)

          • thecat61

            She got it cut back in August.

          • Godney

            Yes, and before that she had cut her hair.

          • cerenagee

            Oh I remember now. It was Olivia culpo

          • Hollyhysteria

            Juliana Hough just got one done

          • cerenagee

            She’s always been off and on with short hair. She’s had that look before miley did. So did Ashley Greene. So did Emma Watson. No one is copying miley.

  • bosco

    just because she’s a so called entertainer doesn’t mean she has good advice for teens. 99 percent of teens can’t relate to her. Her life was paved in gold from the day she was born. Most teens have to worry about getting a good education and getting a good job just to survive. She doesn’t like you, she just likes your money.

    • Godney

      I am kinda tired of people putting teenagers like this party lovers and they only thing they do is party.
      Alot, ALOT arent like that.

  • Clauber

    Its funny because she loves copying Madonna and Rihanna

  • boystan

    you should stop copying gaga then

  • Silver

    lol… from the comments, it seems like she is copying everyone out there too… lmao.

  • laura

    I get what she is saying though because one of the reasons why I am growing out my hair is because I saw everyone around me chopping their hair off as well. And I don’t think their goal was to copy me (at least I hope so) but it sure was a motivation for them to cut it. And I mean, you do see a lot of female celebrities cutting of their hair nowadays but Miley sure as hell wasn’t the first one.

  • XaskTaylorX

    She basically looked like a wannabe lady gaga in her last shoot with her bleached brows and hair…

  • Godney

    “Although we are living in the twenty-first century and although America is so proud of being a free country, a lot of crazy things happen in our society. There’s racism and discrimination. I am fighting against it. I want more tolerance especially regarding homosexuals, who should be allowed to get married, of course.”

    Didnt she used black girls as props in her WCS video tho?

    • thecat61

      They weren’t used as props. The girls themselves even said so.

      • Godney

        So because 3 black girls think its not does it make it not?…
        She wanted black girls… she wanted black girls in her video “twerking”. (she didnt even get good twerkers just to make her non twerk long back look better)
        If not then why the first times she sang “homegirls here with the big butt” she always grabbed the black girl?
        She used black girls.

        • thecat61

          Omg, she grabbed her butt! She grabs everybody’s butt. She even grabbed Kathy Griffin’s butt on the red carpet.

          Get over it already.

          • Godney

            While performing?
            she started to grab the others girls ass AFTER she got accused for using black girls.

  • Zaina777

    Mliey is really annoying. She didn’t have to do Hannah but she did anyway.

    Do you know what I think happened? When can’t be tamed came out no one really took her seriously as an artist or an adult so she took a break to invent a new image then when this Bangerz stuff came out she was like oh, this was always been me to divert our attention from her first try at being seen as an adult two or three years ago. As for the haircut thing she just wants her own image and her own thing. I guess it all makes sense to her .

    Now she wants to be seen as risque and adult and still be seen as a role model for younger people so they can “relate to her” like someone said in a comment on top not every teen parties it up like this. I feel like she is stereotyping teenagers as an excuse to behave the way she is behaving.

    • Godney

      I agree… Cant Be Tamed failed to be her “breakout” image… maybe because there was no image changed or because Hannah was still on.
      I really dont buy the image she wants to show now.
      It seems forced… maybe she is like that just not THAT much.

    • soft ghetto

      mte, nobody was paying attention to miley after she left hannah montana. her movie “lol” failed miserably and “can’t be tamed” caused a little buzz but was quickly forgotten. miley’s ratchet “bangerz” transformation was a smart move because imo it was just an image created for her publicity to shock people and become relevant again. This is the same girl that said in an interview in 2009 that she never heard a Jay Z song in her life and now she’s all ghetto fab claiming she’s being real.

  • MileyIsFierce

    this shit lame. you can wear any hairstyle, you’re never gonna be the first or last or even only one to have it. deal w it. Miley is not copying anyone just like no one is copying her. period.

  • Bailey

    what the fuck does is she talking about?! she is basically copying britney’s career but just being more slutty.

    • Godney

      Your icon >>>>>>>>>>>>

      The mainly reason i never liked miley was because i’ve always seen her as a Britney Wannabe

      • Bailey

        what did you mean with my icon?…

        • anon

          it means she likes it

        • Godney

          That i love it!!

          • Bailey

            thanks <3

  • Godney

    Lets clear something.
    NO ONE, is coping Miley’s hair. (not even her career)
    The pixie cut was already to get in when she cutted hers. Her hair was new because with her long hair she was still disney/hannah image and the short hair was like bye bye to that.
    (The girl is no Jennifer Aniston)

    Yes, she is, again, contradicting herself. (In my opinion she goes way to the extremes when she talks so she ends up contradicting herself ex “i am NEVER having long hair again – few months – i wanna grow it long again”)

    (It is all marketing that she wants to be a image for teenagers but wants to be seen as this young woman)

  • lol

    LOL people are mad here sure she may have ‘copied’ hairstyles but I’ve seen some ordinary girls on Instagram and Twitter and some youtubers with half-shaved hair and some with their top hair bleached and styled looking exactly like Miley’s hair.

    a photo of a miley fan on twitter

    I think that is what she sees and means since I’ve seen people imitate her hairstyle in public as well, sure Pink and Rihanna had that style before but Miley sorta influenced her hairstyle with like an impact more with the younger crowd in a way, imo

    plus theres plenty of miley cyrus haircut tutorial vids on youtube compared to pink inspired ones.

    • Godney

      Miley fan?… more like Miley wannabe lol.