Liam Hemsworth Nina Dobrev Bar Date

liam-hemsworth-nina-dobrevLiam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev spotted together in a bar in Atlanta, Georgia. Twitter spy posted: ‘Safe to say now that I kept my cool and partied with two movie stars last night. @LiamHemsworth @ninadobrev.

Oh and Nina Dobrev was there too but.. who cares. She had holes in her jeans. It’s not the 8th grade, Nina.’ Eyewitness told Celebuzz: ‘They were there together and were with a couple other friends. They were having a great time.

They were definitely acting couple-y. They stayed around two to three hours and Nina left before Liam, and as she was leaving they gave each other a good night kiss.. [and] she ran off into a car service with her friend.’

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  • ‘Oh and Nina Dobrev was there too but.. who cares. She had holes in her jeans. It’s not the 8th grade, Nina.’

    Lmao what a bitch, why didn’t she say that to her then?

  • Mangg7

    Naw, I think they’d be a cute couple!:)

  • Cici

    oh cute cute cuteeee!! Yes.

  • BoredAtHome

    I must still be in the 8th grade as well, I’m nearly 21 & still wear distressed jeans time to time.

    • Duckyhoward15

      Harry is going to be so mad at this person he only wears jeans with holes hahah

  • Duckyhoward15

    From Ian to a cheater :/

  • Monique

    Ian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Liam

  • Monique

    Ian is like the most gorgeus person alive, inside and out. Liam is nothing compared to Ian

  • Sandy McFarlane

    lmao that seems like such an odd pairing for some reason

  • Anna

    Yes Ian is better than Liam, but people do realize there was a 10 year age difference between Nina and Ian right? That is a huge difference at this time in both their lives. Nina needs to date people her age right now and that would be Liam. Liam isn’t a bad guy either, he was just made to be the bad guy by the media. Ian and Nina are adorable together, but it is obvious they aren’t nearly as close as they use to be. If you watch Vampire Diaries, their chemistry sucks right now and its very awkward between them.

    • katie

      How do you feel about Vampire Diaries now I feel like this season has really lost direction and it’s all over the place.

      • iWizard

        I think it’s getting back on its feet. SPOILER
        I love the whole Katherine/Elena arc right now. It’s given the show a new spark. Hopefully, it doesn’t quickly die out, but we’ll see. VD isn’t quite what it used to be.

        • Silver

          Season 1-3 where epic… I loved TVD so much… Now I am not so enthusiastic about it. I even watch Beauty and The Beast more…

          • katie

            I absolutely love The Spin Off the originals but I feel like TVD Only Has Two More Seasons Top. But I Really Think They Should end The Series Next Season Because Clearly They Are Running Out Of Ideas And Its Just Not As Gripping As It Use To be.

          • Silver

            True. I have never actually rooted for the bad guy… But with Klaus… Maaan…

        • Anna

          Anything is better than season 4. I stopped watching for a period of time because that season just couldn’t keep my attention. Season 5 is a step up for sure.

  • thecat61

    Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • threelittlebirds

    So, according to this person only someone in 8th grade can wear ripped jeans? And on top of that their story makes no sense. They start off saying Liam and Nina were together, and then goes oh an Nina was there.

  • boystan

    looking good

  • Julia

    I like it, they’d be gorgeous together. And just to point out, why is Liam a cheater exactly? He started dating that Eiza or whatever he name is straight after him and Miley broke up and I know everyone will be like “oh no he dated before” you do remember Miley coming out and saying they where broken up months and months before it was announced to the public. Around valentines day I think she said in one of her songs, so having that said Liam was not cheating on her…..anyway if he did, I wouldn’t blame him. She seems possessive.

  • Silver

    They would be cute together… I really don’t get the hype over Ian though… He isn’t godly at all… But to each his own, him and Nina were an odd couple, the age difference bugged me because Nina doesn’t seem too mature and Ian seems very mature even older than his thirty something years. It was like she didn’t have much fun, let her hang with people closer to her age… If they are dating; upgrade for Liam though I really can’t see any respectable women seriously dating him without any worries about his past choices… But this is just me.

  • Emmatome

    I wasn’t aware of this “ripped jeans dress code”. What a stupid comment!

  • BrokenArrow18

    what a downgrade lol ian is like a GOD