nick-jonas-smoking-cigarVia @lovanas.

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  • mrsnickjonas

    this cant be real. obviously photoshopped. drugs is bad and nicky knows this facts. cigar is drug. dont believe it!

    • Redneckatheart

      Time to come out of the hole you live in. The Jonas boys have been smoking cigars for years.

    • >_<

      Your grammar… I – I don’t know how you wrote this… I can’t deal… I’m cringing….

      (Yes, I do realize in this particular comment my grammar isn’t en pointe, but it’s for the emphasis, people.)

    • Q

      sorry he is 21 he is not 13 nick can smoke ciggars whatever he wants too because he is a adult

    • The Real QueenBee

      A photoshopped video? How stupid are you?

      • sfdgfhj

        you can photoshop videos.

    • anon

      You must be from Brazil.

    • Amanda

      I’m pretty sure she’s being sarcastic y’all

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    New Nick Jonas Song!!
    Sounds great!!

    • Cici

      Where is this from?

    • burnin’ up for nick

      break the silence? seriously? that song was leaked when he took those photos with olivia, the ones wherre he’s got his hand on her vajayjay, yeah it’s old

      • Duckyhoward15

        show me these photos i tried to find them :/

        • burnin’ up for nick


          • Redneckatheart

            Going a bit perv and saying that he has very kissable lips lol.

        • burnin’ up for nick

          oops i was only suposed to show u one copy not 3…

          • Duckyhoward15

            Thank you so much and WOW

          • burnin’ up for nick

            welcome :D

          • Duckyhoward15


      • Uio

        You mean he hand in her vagina? Yeah everybody saw that

        • burnin’ up for nick

          yeah it was rumored to be break the silence music video…

          • anon

            It wasn’t for that song.

          • burnin’ up for Joe

            it was rumored to be

    • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

      what the hell i never listened to that song before D: i’m such a bad fan omg it’s so perfect kaskdjalksds

    • UNME

      This song kind of shows why Nick and Joe sang well together. Nick sings off-key a few times here and his voice is a little thin. When they sang together it just seemed to make both their voices stronger. Like when they covered “Falling Slowly”. This song is written pretty well. Just the singing is weak.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Him smoking cigars is nothing new. The Jonas’ have been smoking them for years.

  • Redneckatheart

    Get that emphysema baby.
    Smoking is disgusting.

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      I second this so badly.

  • Cici

    If he smokes them every now & then, it isn’t that serious. The men in my family always enjoy a cigar every now & then….but Nick being diabetic I would think it just isn’t a good idea at all for him.

  • liza

    Is that a CUBAN CIGAR Nick??? They are the best in the whole world!!

    • gfhf

      are you from cuba?

      • liza

        No, but i have friends from Cuba, they are very nice people.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Oooo Scandalous.

  • boystan

    is that eiza next to joe

    • Redneckatheart

      The girl that was with Liam?

      • boystan


        • Redneckatheart

          It does look like her a bit.

    • ty

      No is not her besides she dosent know them but is not her is your imagination

      • boystan


    • The Real QueenBee

      It’s Pia Toscano

    • The Real QueenBee

      Thats Pia Toscano.

  • liza

    Is that a CUBAN CIGAR Nick?? Try those, they are the best one in the whole world!!!

  • SmilerForJoe

    “That’s what she said!” ;)

  • carolas

    I believe joe went to see his niece in the same shirt he had on at the club. Wonder if these guys know about the carcigence that they carry on their clothes. You would think that they would have more love & respect; at least for the newborn baby.

    • The Real QueenBee

      Carcingence? Come back when you are no longer an idiot.

      • amy

        They just spelled carcinogens wrong. They aren’t an idiot.

  • burnin’ up for nick

    but joe is smoking too, are you people only shocked because nick is? so he drinks so much champegin like all the time, and lately he’s been clubbing a whole bunch with joe so you think he don’t do drugs? but i think that he knows his limits and it’s nothing to worry about…

  • threelittlebirds

    technically you don’t smoke a cigar, you just kinda suck on it

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    he didn’t smoke it, at least i don’t see the smoke -.-
    but i don’t care if he did, he’s a grown up

  • carolas

    Sorry about the spelling. Carcinogence, when you smoke, you exhale these into the air. Make sense they land on the clothes you wear. Part of second hand smoking.

  • Carolyn

    For those of you saying it’s photoshopped watched the video and you’ll see Nick AND Joe both smoking (badly) I may add.

  • yeya

    I love them but cigar are nasty I mean even the smell is just ew lol

  • cerenagee

    Haha the video is so funny. Joe is literally like whatttt the fuck hahaha

  • demo

    that girl behind joe look like aiza the girl liam was making out with

  • no

    Queen Demetria wouldn’t approve.

  • Yawn

    how is this a headline O.o
    everytime you see nick in pictures now, he’s either boozing it up or smoking.

    WE GET IT NICK youre trying to be seen as an adult now (or from his racist tshirt from before, “A MAN” ).
    big whoop de do.

    • Anna


  • anon

    Who cares. It’s not like they do it every day. Only at parties it seems like it. It’s only bad for your health if you do it all the time. I’m sure they’re careful about it.

  • anon

    Loving someone you can’t have is the worst feeling in the world.

  • anon

    Joe used to live the fastlife once….

  • anon

    So does Joe have baby fever after spending time with his niece?

    “I will take my time,” he said with a laugh. “I will take my time with running around and having my fun. Down the road.”

  • ca

    Who cares? Nick is more normal than Joe.
    Joe Jonas dated a pothead and stripper called Natashia Ho and now he is dating a gross druggie of 30 years old. Joe is doing weed and coke, Blanda and her friends supplied Joe with drugs

    • GentileJewel

      Please! You need help!

      • nick jonas fart


      • nick jonas fart


  • nick jonas fart


  • nick jonas fart

    does nick jonas know what pee is

  • P13r6

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