Perrie Forcing Zayn To Plan Wedding

zayn-fuckPerrie Edwards is forcing Zayn Malik to help plan their wedding. Perrie told MTV: ‘The rock.. isn’t that the best part? When everyone is like ‘Wow’. No I was joking.. just knowing that I’m going to be with someone that I love forever.’

Zayn will be involved, whether he likes it or not: ‘Well, he tried to get out of it. He said, ‘You know what? The wedding, it’s all about the lady.’ He went, ‘Honestly, it’s your day. You’re the princess.

You go all out and then just let me know what you want. I went ‘You’re not getting out of it that easy, love.’ I went, ‘You’re planning it with us, thank you very much.’ He thought he was clever, but no, I’m one step ahead.’

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  • Boo

    I’m rolling my eyes so hard right now.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Glad she isn’t a “me, me, me,” girl that she involves the other half of the relationship.

  • z

    i’m throwing up

  • anon

    She is such a fake. Zayn is lucky he is even invited as the soon to be husband. Can’t stand this girl

  • boystan

    aw that’s so cute she’s lucky