Selena Breaks Silence On Rehab Drama

selena-the-best9Selena Gomez FINALLY broke her silence on rehab and Justin Bieber drug drama: I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me. Hopefully Selena has learned from her mistakes now and can continue to surround herself with only positive influences.

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    How is that ‘breaking her silence?’ Y’all so dramatic, OU.

    • JD

      I’d call it more licking her ass, I am thinking her rep pays OU for those stories.

      • lol really

        who the hell would pay OU lol as if hundreds of thousands of people all over the world comes here lol. whoever runs the site just likes selena dont be dramatic jd

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    well she didn’t say much lol, but of course she’s having a bad time..hope she get’s better

  • thecat61

    How is this opening up?

  • Silver

    lmao. This says nothing… Love the smile on her face though… precious.

  • anon

    Ironic that she’s holding a glass of wine. if alcohol is her problem, this is a losing battle, considering her ethnicity: Mexican and Italian. Alcohol is part of the DNA of the people of these races, but some know how to control themselves what looks like is not her case.

    • Cici

      Having a glass of wine does not make you an alcoholic.

    • Ricardo

      She wasn’t in rehab because of alcohol lmfao

      • Redneckatheart

        Just like Demi wasn’t when her story first broke right?

        • Anna

          It doesn’t matter, if she was or not. If she was in there for alcohol it is her business. I think the likely reason was for mental issues, but that is just me. Demi was known for being a party girl, Selena isn’t.

          • BrokenArrow18

            her cousin said different

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Tbh, we will never know that unless she says so. She could have been there for some type of substance abuse. Her team will never say because it will mess with her image.

    • Silver

      Thats an old picture, she doesn’t have extensions right now.

  • Cici


  • hmmm

    why does it sounds as a goodbye?

  • hmmm
  • cerenagee

    All in all I think Selena is a smart girl and knows what she’s doing. If I had to become a Disney kid to support my family I’d probably have to go to rehab for a breakdown too. She looks happy and I’m glad she’s finally deciding to live her life like a normal girl

  • Redneckatheart

    I don’t really see how this is breaking her silence lol. It’s more like her thanking her fans for their support. There was no explanation or shedding of any light..

  • boystan

    ok forreal now did she really go to rehab? what for?

  • boystan

    pobresita la virgen selena maria