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logan-lerman-scene (2)Logan Lerman Scene magazine interview excerpts. On filming Noah in Iceland: ‘[Aronofsky] has a brilliant mind. He really knows what he wants—he knows it right away. He has a very distinct vision, and he knows how to dictate his vision to each department so specifically.’

Logan’s screen debut came early, when he played Mel Gibson’s youngest son in The Patriot: ‘Acting was my temple, in a weird way. It had a higher meaning for me when I saw films that really impacted me.’

For the most part, he avoided the Disney studios, trying for more complicated parts in spite of their dearth for young actors. Though he’d like to direct some day and applied to NYU’s prestigious film school, he skipped college so he could keep acting.

‘The older I get, the better the roles get. It’s really exciting right now. I just want to challenge myself. I want to take roles that make me nervous in a way, that are gambles, that are high-risk. Something that makes me feel uncomfortable.’

‘If you look at Clark Gable and those guys, they worked with great filmmakers.’ Humphrey Bogart had John Huston. Jimmy Stewart had Frank Capra. Cary Grant had Alfred Hitchcock. Without such stellar minds guiding them, Lerman suggests, those actors may never have become as famous as they did.

‘You want to make good movies with good filmmakers’. It’s a piece of advice he gleaned while in England from co-star Brad Pitt, arguably today’s most famous leading man.’“I think that’s the key to longevity. At least that’s what I’m gambling on. So hopefully it works out.’

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    He is perfection.

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    My long time celeb crush. He is just so.. Mmm
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    Shouldn’t this article mention that Logan Lerman is Jewish? The way every article about Darren Aronofsky and Noah mentions that Darren is Jewish?

    Mentioning that fact would at least separate this article from every other generic article about Logan Lerman ever. No “Education” here.