Momsen ‘People Had Sex At My Concert’

taylor-momsen-panty-flasher-7_0Taylor Momsen revealed to Revolver that at The Pretty Reckless concerts women strip off onstage, lesbian fans attempt to touch her and a couple had sex in the front row. ‘We had a couple having sex during our show in San Francisco, literally [bleep] in front of the stage. It was crazy. ..They got away with it. And they were going at it for a while.’

She can recall the moment that shows went from being all about the music to near-orgies of flesh flashing: ‘It was in a club inside a church. This girl just jumped up onstage and took her clothes off and started dancing. We didn’t have security of anything at this small club, so we went with it. And it became a thing.

Everyone started doing it at our shows. It became crazy. It’s totally fun, girls taking their tops off and dance (sic) onstage. Awesome.’ One female fan went too far: ‘She tried to go down on me, literally. I had a dress on, and she started pulling up my skirt and, like, going down on her knees trying to pull my underwear down. So I grabbed her head and threw her to the side.

However, Taylo likes being choked: ‘It was f**king awesome. He f**king choked me out onstage.. really f**king hard. The people there were like, ‘You need a doctor. Are you fine?’ ‘Dude, I just got choked by Marilyn Manson – I’m f**king fine!’ And now I really like getting choked out. You learn things.’

Taylor and her bandmates were thrilled to discover the bathroom of their hotel suite during a recent stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was haunted. She bribed the manager to let the group stay in the room where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered his last victim.

‘As I was showering, some weird s**t happened. The shower shut off and the bathtub started to fill up with water, then the shower went back on.. It was a little creepy. When I opened the curtain, it had gotten all steamy. I looked up and I saw a giant handprint high up on the wall. Someone would have had to stand on the toilet to reach up that high.

That room was the shower room for the day, and it happened to everybody in the band. They all saw the same handprint, but, like, in different places. It was really weird.’

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  • Sandy McFarlane

    lmao I love her crazy ass, I wish I could go on tour with them as like a roadie or something

  • Boo

    I’m sure all ten people who attend her concerts had fun

  • Sela

    she’s so awesome. and without trying too hard. she’s just naturally awesome and just, for lack of a better phrase, such a bad bitch. it’s like she’s the person who miley wishes she could be. who she tries to be. and taylor is just the underrated and misunderstood girl who you wouldn’t be embarrassed to say you like her music, unlike miley.

    • BrokenArrow18

      she does try hard lmao

  • jul

    She thinks she’s so cool…she’s disgusting

  • Cici

    that’s a little raunchy but whatever floats her boat. I love her music though. I agree with a comment below that this is who Miley wants to be but is failing at because she is just trying too hard to be who she is not. Taylor is just effortlessly herself.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      remember when miley wanted to hang out with her and taylor rejected her lol.

      • Cici

        no! Seriously?? hahahaaaaa

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    So they bought tickets to a concert just to have sex in the front row? Sounds legit.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That’s quite repugnant, I’m open-minded but not that far.

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    Such a badass.

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    what a rockstar yath

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    People has sex in clubs… no different than a concert tbh.

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    lol what