• Shailene Woodley

    Is it just me or does it like they have overdone her face in this or something. Idk maybe it’s just the angle.
    She’s a walking perfection 99% of the time anyways.

  • laura

    Wow W magazine really uses way too much photoshop.. Doesn’t look anything like her tbh, she almost looks like an alien or something when in fact she’s really beautiful.
    Same with the Miley photo shoot, btw.

  • Cici

    she looks gorg

  • WatchOut

    Photoshop at it’s finest.
    Less is more W Magazine

  • Gi

    very bad photoshop

  • Godney

    oh oh oh oh… cmon she doesnt need that much photoshot.
    very very bad

  • boystan

    her hair looks nice