drake-bell-bankruptNickelodeon star Drake Bell, 26, has filed for bankruptcy owing $581,000, reports TMZ. He lists the value of his house at $1.575 million, but owes $1.597 million on it. He makes $2,820 a month, but his expenses are $18,771. In 2012 he made $408,000 but the next year he made just $14,099.


  • Cici

    oh shit. He makes less than I make a month lol No wonder he is bitter.

    • anonymous

      he makes like less than 0.01% of what i make. bitter ass drake

      • Abby

        What? You guys make over $16k/month?!?

        • Redneckatheart

          Drake only makes 2,820 a month. With a decent job it isn’t hard to make that…

        • anonymous

          no if you do the math i earn over 28 million a year

        • Cici

          Oh yeah. I have a pool filled with money.

          • threelittlebirds

            with a diamond waterfall

          • Cici

            & a toilet made out of gold.

  • fidiwa

    This doesn’t seem legit.

  • laura

    Wow I converted this to euros and I earn almost as much with my summer job.. Ouch for him.

  • anon

    Time to go to college

  • Kylie

    Time to get a real job.

  • anonymous

    prayer circle for drake

  • BoredAtHome

    See, now this is why you build bridges, not burn them. If he befriended the biebs, maybe just maybe, that $ 75,000 would of went to him instead of strippers! Lol, poor guy…no pun intended..buhdumdumtss :p

    • anonymous


  • cerenagee

    Well no wonder he attempted to stay relevant by going off on bieber on Twitter. Bitter has been.

  • cerenagee

    I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t get off his lazy ass and actually work rather than waste his time bitching on twitter and actually taking ownership of his life. Stop living beyond your means people. Its not at all difficult

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      “Stop living beyond your means people. Its not at all difficult” Completely agree.

  • smb

    Instead of trying to make a go as a singer, he should have focused more on acting. He wasn’t that good of a singer, but he was a good comedic actor.

  • honesty


  • Duckyhoward15

    Just stick to writing songs and acting , good luck

  • Redneckatheart

    So he makes about what I do and he’s still trying to live like he’s making a shit ton.. That’s what’s wrong with celebs, they get used to the lifestyle and when the money stops they still try to live it and they crash and burn.

  • anna

    well now all of his bitterness towards justin bieber makes since. if only he would had put in the time and energy he used for justin toward something useful then maybe his life would be better.

  • boystan

    how shocking

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Omg , In another post I legit asked how he made a living because he hasnt done much after drake and josh . Guess I got my answer

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Amanda has 16 million + maybe he can borrow $ from her<3

  • in jesus name i pray amen
  • Anna

    Wow the negativity on this is amazing. Seriously, why is everyone on here so screwed up and mean to someone who has basically lost a majority of his income in a short time. Give him well wishes instead of kicking him while he is down. The bieber stuff may be immature, but what y’all are saying is more so. Stop acting like 5 year olds and treat people with more respect.

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  • michelle

    instead of hating on bieber all the time on twitter he could actually go out and do something with his irrelevant life