• HolyGround

    Their friendship is so cute aww

  • RisingTime

    Yeah, but honestly why does he have to be so smug all the time? He is a good speller but I think Demi wants him in a bad way. I think now they are friends but she may develop feelings for him. It would be cute, but I wouldn’t want her to get hurt.

    • Anon

      Demi will develop feelings for Nick because he’s a good speller? Wut lol but anyways Demi is dick whipped by Wilmer for four years now so her developing feelings for Nick would be a miracle so she gets Wilmer off her system xd although I’m not sure Nick is her type physically

      • anon

        replying to myself! or maybe he is her type physically, maybe im just projecting my own taste in guys on her since im not attracted to nick. Maybe she does find him attractive. Maybe she’s in a love triangle with Nick and Wilmer lol

    • AA

      you mean him to get hurt

      • burnin’ up for Joe


  • lizzie mcguire

    omfg too cute x) people with contagious laughs are the best! they’re also the saddest people though :(

  • heyheyhey

    LOL the we graduated part! Too good.

  • nick jonas fart


  • nick jonas fart

    nick jonas is sending flowers to olivia

    • liza

      Really?? how you know? lol Is he still with that FAMEWHORE????

    • anon

      let’s bet she posts about it if he does

  • anon

    Wilmer is a smug guy so if she left Wilmer for Nick I’d laugh. Nick would break her heart tho because he’s a little ho.

    • burnin’ up for Joe

      has he ever broke anyone’s heart? why you calling him a ho?

  • boystan


  • EEP

    Demi is a good friend giving him this opportunity to steal a bit of publicity for himself. Just as long as he (and his girlfriend) do not steal the spotlight from Demi. While Nick was busy vacationing and taking couple papp photos, Demi has been working her butt off and deserves her sold out concerts. She (and Miley and Selena) keep their promises about releasing music& keep in touch with their fans constantly via social media, If Nick had done the same thing these last few years he would be able to fill up huge venues, too.

    • burnin’ up for Joe

      wtf!!! did you forget where all her attention came from back in disney? and nick never ‘promised’ so that he can break the promise he isn’t owned by his fans especially not those of us that are like you, and selena cancled her australian tour, why? EXACTLY! nick is better than them exept for miley

  • burnin’ up for Joe

    hate how all of you think they’re ever gonna date, not gonna happen, not thaat i don’t think it’ll be cute but demi’s been in a comitted relationship with wilmer since like about 2 or so years now and i think olivia is nick’s first serious girlfriend and is in love yeah you heard me haters NICK IS IN LOVE! and why do you always trend #nemi it’s pathetic coz i think that once upon a time jemi existed, do you think that nick will ever do such a thing to his brother, nope not in a bazillion years will never hurt joe because he loves him more than you can love nemi, he loves him more than he can possibly love demi or olivia wtf! grow up people would you be happy to find out that your bro/sis is dating your ex?

    • Demi

      nobody got time to read your paragraph

      • burnin’ up for Joe

        u don’t have to hunny get the fuck outa my face i’m expresing my opinion not for u to read

    • Anon

      I don’t think Joe would care considering he said his relationship with Demi was fake and that he’s friends with Demi’s current boyfriend. But I don’t see her leaving Wilmer for Nick and Nick has a girlfriend anyways.

  • Kel

    Why can’t they just be good friends? Why does everyone have to speculate about their feelings towards one another. Chillllll.