Kendall Jenner Bleached Eyebrows

Kendall Jenner Leaves The Marc Jacobs Show In NYCReality star and 1D girlfriend Kendall Jenner hid her bleached eyebrows from the rain after modeling in the Marc Jacobs Fashion show in New York City, New York on February 13, 2014. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Redneckatheart

    What the fuck is the deal with this trend? You look ridiculous not hot!

    • Rah

      I did a runway show like this once, they cover your eyebrows with wax and then coverup to match your skin tone. Designers are weird, man.

  • ahdamnn

    some people can really rock this look but Kendall Jenner is not one of them.

  • XaskTaylorX

    She’s joined the “cult”. It looks really really bad, but whatever floats her boat I guess!

  • cerenagee

    Not into the bleached brow look. It looks ridiculous.

  • threelittlebirds

    is it a marc jacobs thing? cause everyone who has modeled for him so far have bleached their eyebrows.

  • nogirl

    I will NEVER support the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Not even because of the whole sex tape or famewhore reason. It’s because none of them have truly worked for anything. Kim made a sex tape and got lucky (no pun intended) that it made her famous and the entire family got on the bandwagon, and from her making stupid choices, the whole family just gets opportunities that people who actually have talent/drive/come from nothing can only dream of. And to add insult to injury, they don’t even do anything WITH the influence they have. They don’t try to save the world, they don’t do anything charitable to contribute to the world (unless it’s publicized..), and they don’t do anything worthy of ANY notoriety. They take “selfies” and date celebrities. And Kendall. She’s probably the worst based on principle. She’s tall, thin and has an okay face and her sisters “design” clothes. So, modeling is obvious. And it’s not like she even LOVES fashion. I mean, eat/drink/breathe it. She’s doing it because she can, because she’s vain, and because it gets her attention on her own, but she’s pretending like it’s so important. She’s not doing it because she dreamed it all her life, and it’s an insult to the actual models who have and don’t have her nepotism ties. It would be different if she attempted to study it or tried to do it away from the public eye, like Ali Lohan, but she’s doing it as an excuse to make her own career out of doing nothing like her sisters, and she’s trying desperately to act like she’s not. (Also, I’m not attracted to or am a big fan of them, but Harry can do SO much better. At least Taylor was respectable.) I will never support these people.

    • Dara


    • getlikemiley

      I get that people are annoyed with them because their show makes it seem like they don’t take anything serious, but being a model is not easy. What’s easy is for others to sit back and throw accusations when they have no idea what’s going on besides what the media shows.

    • getlikemiley

      and that fact that you said they don’t do anything “charitable” unless it’s publicized? lol exactly so how do you know if they do or not? They could be and keeping it to themselves.

  • Rosemary

    What is this, a new trend or something??

  • Guest

    It was for a fashion show.

  • getlikemiley

    It was a high-end fashion show. She didn’t bleach her eyebrows for fun.

  • Godney

    She has to do (as a model) whatever they say her to do if she wants to make it. Its a fact. and it doesnt look so bad on her

  • Hollyhysteria

    Dear god