• Boo

    Shia, you just need to take a vacation to some remote island and get yourself together. I’m starting to get really uncomfortable.

  • Alii

    The urge to punch that douche must have been really hard to resist, kudos to Shia.

  • Kandice

    That guy was being a total dick. Wow. Poor Shia. Leave him a lone.

  • boystan

    yeah im not watching that

  • boystan

    what happened

  • Kylie

    Baby. :(

  • Liz

    FUCK YOU youtube dude.
    Shia, I’ll dry dem tears fo yewww foooevaaaa.

  • Jen

    That was disgusting and not funny at all. Too bad Shia was wearing earplugs I would have loved to see him punch that guy in the face. Bullying someone when theyre down for views is sick