Nick Jonas Studly Beverly Hills Shopper

nick-jonas-beverly-hills (3)Nick Jonas looked hot shopping alone in Beverly Hills today. Nicky Instagrammed: Here is a little taste of me directing rehersal for @ddlovato ‘s #neonlightstour.. Happy to be doing what I love.

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  • Cici

    Omg Nick is so sexy.

  • liza

    Maybe he was gonna buy something for the FAMEWHORE lady?! can’t stand that BITCH! FAKE BITCH! who does not love Nick, she is just using him! Mama Jonas should give Nick some advice to STAY away from women like her!

    • roxanneXD

      you’re obsessed with olivia Bitch

      lol shut up and stop spam

      • liza

        Obsessed?? lol Is that how you call people when they say the truth??

        • yup

          Your the only one with a problem with her. Mama J loves her.

    • threelittlebirds

      if you can’t stand her then stop fucking talking about her!! seriously you’re starting to look desperate.

    • burnin’ up for Joe

      its not like u see olivia stuck to nick it’s not like they’re on vacation 24/7 it’s not like she goes to every fasion show he goes to, why do people hate oliivia but like blanda?

    • Zaina777

      It’s funny how no one else mentioned her except you. You are obsessed with her. Leave her alone.

  • liza

    olive pulpo exposed! ‏@expomissculpo Feb 12
    her pussy is open door (a lot of (rich)boy had the chance to visit) this disguise is perfectly adapted @oliviaculpo

  • liza

    olive pulpo exposed! ‏@expomissculpo
    @ChileLovesJoeJ lol girls 14 years old are not alcoholic, and don’t take pictures of a sexual connotation in a Catholic party!

  • liza

    olive pulpo exposed! ‏@expomissculpo
    olivia drinks a lot of alcohol, smoke a lot of weed and smoke shisha, SINCE SHE WAS 14 , I post pictures soon, stay online! XOXO !

    • burnin’ up for Joe

      do you have aninstagram or twitter? i’d follow you if you tell me.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • liza

    WOW what a lady??

  • Roxanne Meza

    omg thats my friend with nick jonas.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    he looks cute

  • boystan