Olivia @ Demi Concert ‘Proud Of Nick’

olivia-nickolivia-nick-2More Demi Anaheim concert pix HERE! Via @lovanas. CLIPS under!

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  • anon

    LOLL. “Yeah Demi your performance was great and all but Nick!!! Nick you were flawless this tour would be nothing without you!”

  • ROAR

    Nice of her to compliment the staff. But what about the STAR of the show? She could have complimented Nick AND Demi. It’s Demi’s show, not Nick’s. He’s the guy in the sound booth. She sat thru the whole show and couldn’t give Demi a kind word? Hmm.

    • Anon

      Maybe because Nick is her boyfriend? Besides his friends were kissing his ass too, why single out Olivia?

  • anon

    thirsty as fuck… but that’s nothing new *shrugs*

  • anonymous

    wilmer’s hoe

  • anon

    I like how her manager (who is the one who took and posted the pic, not Olivia) just had to make sure in a tweet about watching “the master at work @nickjonas” she posted a pic with Olivia in it instead of Nick alone, or Nick on stage.

    Also, as usual on their public dates, why is her manager there?

    • hi

      Honestly you need to stop. His mom and dad/friends where there too. He was working, so of course olivia brought her friend with her. You can be friends with your manager. Olivia and Nick were rearly around her when he was not at the both he was with olivia and his parents.

      • LOLZ

        That picture was taken in the soundbooth area, so the manager must have been there.

        It just seems weird that when they are at public events her manager is ALWAYS there and ALWAYS makes sure to post pics of Nick and Olivia together on her twitter, even though she doesn’t tweet that often. Thats the part that’s shady. If you google her manager, she’s pretty shady. When she was a casting director she rigged the reality shows she cast for, like The Amazing Race.

        • hi

          Yeah and the others were not. The others were taken with his parents no where near the sound booth and her manager was not even there. You need to get over it. They are together it’s time to move on form hating Nick like it or not this is the most normal girl he dated. If you don’t like something fine don’t post about it every damn time can they have one day were they are not hated on?
          Aren’t we all adults when it comes to their girlfriend everyone forgets that and just goes all pissy at them. Would you like people do do that if you were dating one of them?

    • A22W

      About Olivia’s manager, Interesting…explains a lot. As a fan of Demi, I think Nick (and his chick) should just be appreciative that Demi threw Nick a job when he needed one. Neither of them should try to steal her thunder. Olivia should watch and learn from someone who works hard and has true talent. Demi is the real deal.

  • liza

    HERE WE GO AGAIN! THE FAMEWHORE!!! Well she got her 15 minute fame last night!

    • Zaina777

      Here we go again…the self proclaimed Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo know it all.. shut the fuck up…haha the Jonas Brothers are irrelavant amyway.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        I know dating Nick is doing nothing for her career lol.

        • Zaina777


          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            <3 your avi

          • Zaina777

            Dylan O’ Brien…my future husband…Haha.

            He is adorable. Do you watch Teen Wolf? If so have you seen the new episodes…

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            yes hes perfect,I watched the first two seasons and loved them.t i really need to catch up.

            is it good so far?

      • Q

        haha jonas brothers are not irrelavant

        • Zaina777

          Name one song that they had in the last year.

          • XaskTaylorX

            People still give them references in some movies last year. A quick reference. They are also still being talked about as well on the news.

          • Zaina777

            Yeah, but I am talking like their own success these guys haven’t had a hit since 2009.

          • ty

            you are so wrong

          • Zaina777

            Until you can prove me otherwise I am so right.

  • liza

    Olivia needs to get back to NY and stay there she is using Nickm i hope and pray Nick will see the truth soon!! she is such a BITCH and her manager too!

  • liza

    She is no good! besides been a woman with a dark past of drugs, alcohol, a lot of men in her life, she is just a BITCH, Nick deserves sooo much better!

  • nick jonas fart


    • liza


  • liza

    There she is !!! Miss FAMEWHORE!! The woman who is always very rude with Jonas’s fans! And the one who is using Nick for her advantage! BITCH please nobody is gonna buy your music! You suck at singing anyways!

  • Lali

    I love how much chemistry the have, i bet Olivia was jelous

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Why has Nemi never happened?

  • fghjkl

    wow nick change so much because olivia nick change for the worst he need stay away from that bitch i dont know why he is still with her he need to leave her because she is a bad influce

  • damnthesecelebs

    I’m pretty sure Demi’s concert would be as amazing with or without Nick, don’t think he made any difference.

  • XaskTaylorX

    I shouldn’t open my mouth anymore, Olivia is there. Lol. Happy Valentines Day!! <3

  • boystan

    aw i wish i couldve gone