ABC Family’s Ravenswood CANCELED

ravenswood-canceled9Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood was canceled by ABC Family. A rep for the network confirmed to E! News that they will not be ordering additional episodes of the series fronted by Tyler Blackburn and Nicole andeson.

The supernatural teen drama television series centered on a town not far from Rosewood, Penn., which had been suffering after being hit with a deadly curse for generations. However, the fatal curse connects five strangers who need to dig into the town’s mysterious history before it’s too late for all of them.

  • anon

    thank god, now come back to rosewood caleb

  • Anon

    Is anyone surprised about this?

  • Zaina777

    Praise the lord.

    Not that I like Haleb…but I couldn’t stand the thought of that Miranda coming between them eventually in the series.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Definitely knew that was coming.

  • Hollyhysteria

    Geez, what a surprise. That show was horrid. Can Caleb come back to rosewood now?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Nooooo I liked it although I didn’t like that they were trying to take Caleb away from Hannah. But noooo.

  • Anonymouse

    Because it should have been a SHORT ONLINE SERIES. Yay for Hannah and Caleb though.

  • ♥ ♥

    I knew this would happen, I always saw so much hate on Ravenswood from Haleb shippers on tumblr haha. I think they picked the wrong person to go, Caleb is to loved on Pretty Little Liars, I never watched a episode of Ravenswood but from when Caleb left it just made no sense, the plot wasn’t good enough.

  • PerrieEdwards

    never watched it, but questioned why caleb suddenly disappeared

  • Emmatome

    Caleb is one of the favorites characters on PLL. And Haleb has A LOT of shippers. He’s an important character on the show so I hope that he’ll be back now.


    Good riddance. I watched the first 2 episodes and it was horrible so I was done with it. They were trying too damn hard with that show. And Caleb suddenly leaving Rosewood and breaking up with Hannah made NO sense at all. Hope he comes back now.

  • Jared

    Now all they have to do is cancel PLL. I know it’s supposed to be different from the book, but at least make the show GOOD if it’s different. Like “Gossip Girl.” The books were better, but the show was still good. I mean, if you’re going to adapt something, do it fucking right. Even a movie series would’ve been better. The actor’s can’t act, there’s only so many “OMG, A..” for the next episode that they tease you with on EVERY ending, and it’s on ABC Family- meaning they can’t show the drugs, drinking, sex, homicide, and all the good stuff that makes the books amazing. It would’ve been better on the CW network or better yet, on HBO with better actors, no restrictions and no trying to overly stretch out a book with a lot of episodes, because they did most of the entire first book in the first episode. What the hell is that? On HBO, they could do 12 really good episodes to one book, and that could be the season with the explicit content and actual swearing, instead of 24 shitty episodes that censor everything and that fuck up the book for the people who haven’t read it. And I mean this sincerely— even if you’re not a book reader, please read those books if you THINK you like the show. The books are incredible, are much more detailed, and have a lot more story that the show could ever air. Please read them. And then you will understand why I ask for a proper adaption that the book deserves.

    • threelittlebirds

      gossip girl only followed the books for the like the 1st season, and maybe a little bit of 2nd. the rest was whatever…

      tbh, i like that the show doesn’t follow the books. i’ve read them all, and honestly i wouldn’t watch it because i already know what happens.

      also, it won’t be cancelled, it’s abc family’s most watched show.

      don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      • Jared

        Okay. Let’s re-read. Re-reading is fun.

        1.) I said “Gossip Girl” was good, but the books were better. The context in which I meant it was that the show of gossip girl didn’t follow the books, but the show was still enjoyably watchable, so they were both good in their own right. Unlike PLL, which is an insult to the books, meaning if they were going to make the show, at least make it good: decent actors, not so much run-around, and stretching the books when it wasn’t needed.

        2.) You like that the show doesn’t follow the books, but yet you don’t want to watch it because you know what happens. You’re contradicting yourself.

        3.) It’s painfully obvious that they won’t cancel the show. I know that it’s popular. But again, read before you comment. I never said they WOULD cancel it. I said they SHOULD. If I said they would, I’d have put down why they made that decision, and I listed things of why they should because I know they aren’t. There’s a huge difference. Learn it.

        4.) Because I am a fan of the books, I gave it a chance and watched 3 episodes, because I don’t think it’s fair to judge an entire series on one episode; I wanted to give it a fair chance. From those and the few clips that ABC Family shoves down your throat, I had concluded, as a fan of the books and of Sara Shepard, that the show was incompetent to the quality of the reading material. I’ve not watched it since. Your comment suggests that I’ve been watching it as a sole source to pick it apart. I didn’t like it, so I don’t watch it. And I was stating my opinion on why I didn’t like it and why anyone who does watch it, but hasn’t read the novels, should give the original version a chance before feeding into ABC Family’s cash cow that they’ve conspired into a bad soap opera that focuses more on the fashion and indie music and having a Twitter-based fanbase that keeps their ratings up because they depend on girls’ natural draw to gossip, bitchiness, high school, attractive men, and a horror twist all in one. Read and understand before you speak.

        • wowwwwwwwwwwwww

          I’M DYING.

        • threelittlebirds

          3 episodes? how can you judge a show based on 3 episodes? you hardly gave it a chance.

          • Jared


            Dear goodness, you’re so incompetent.

            1.) AGAIN, RE-READING IS FUN. I said I saw 3 episodes PLUS the clips that they show everywhere: the promos, the YouTube clips, the “sneak peaks” they sneak in during the movies they air. I’ve seen enough to know the quality of the acting and the ridiculousness of the way they’ve exploited the charm out of the original form of the story. I didn’t like it. You cannot force me to keep doing something that I didn’t enjoy. What is the sense of wasting your time on something when you know it’s not up to par? If I’m eating something that’s disgusting, after three bites, I’m not going to keep eating. That’s stupid, because I’ve established that it’s distasteful. I don’t need to keep tasting to make sure. If I don’t like an artist’s third single after not liking the first two, I have the right to state clearly that I don’t like that artist. I think people know when they like something and when they don’t.

            2.) Again, for someone who has stated that they don’t watch the show because they’ve read the books and you know what happens, you sure seem like a weekly viewer who has gotten offended that I have given true facts about why it is not a quality form of entertainment and that me not watching is detrimental to my conclusion of not liking it. Stop contradicting yourself.

            3.) I sincerely hope you’re one of the “younger” commenters who have mind of what they’re saying because they don’t understand things fully, because if you’re one of the older commenters, like I am who have been coming to this website for years now and has been to school or has at the very least some education that exceeds junior high, it’s very pitiful that you’re very obviously lacking common sense and standard intelligence that even the simplest of people have if you cannot even comprehend anything that I’ve said within the last 2 or 3 posts. (But then again, you are the user that has outwardly supported Kendall Jenner, and anyone who openly defends anyone in that clan cannot be taken seriously to have sensibility or grace.) That being said, I’ve made my point over and over again and seeing your inadequate debate skills and general lack of grasp to anything that’s comprehensive, I will not take part in this useless battle of wits where I’m the sole contributor. It’s tiring. And you have nothing better to do except mindlessly comment on things you can’t seem to expand your mind for. I will leave you with this: Ignorance is foolish. Learn a thing or two, read a book or two, and for goodness sake, learn capitalization, and try to contribute more to the arguments you start than giving the other party ammunition to disregard your thoughts as airheaded bullshit completely. Take care and I hope you learn to grow. You benighted nipple.


          • mermaidsandunicorns
          • catladywithpizza

            you benighted nipple tho.

          • i just…


  • Shailene Woodley

    I watched the first episode when it first started and had no idea what was even going on. Never watched it since.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    i didnt even know this came on already.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    is that the kid from mintue men lol

  • hhdg

    Damn, that means stupid Caleb is going to come back to PLL. Ugh. I was enjoying Hanna being single.

  • boystan

    idk this show

  • Cici

    I knew that was going to happen. I could not get into the show at all. PLL dominates everything. Since they put Caleb in it, people were watching it even more confused because it seemed it would tie in more with PLL but
    it didn’t. Just not a good timing for the show really, and terrible actors. Nothing can compete with PLL right now at all. I bet Miranda & Caleb will find their way into Rosewood. It seems they would keep her around atleast.

  • Redneckatheart

    Well this sucks :( I like the show, but I hope this will mean Caleb will be coming back to Rosewood?…

  • Dara

    YES! Now Caleb can come back to Hanna and Rosewood :)