Lana Del Rey Dislikes Lorde, DRAMA

lana del rey lorde
Lana Del Rey favorited a tweet & picture from a Lana Fan Account that said, “I bought this for you Lorde” with a picture of an obvious tacked bracelet to express hatred to Lorde with. Do YOU think Lorde will react to Lana Del Rey’s hatred towards her? Maybe Lana is jealous Lorde won two grammies with being so fresh in the industry, meanwhile her career…

  • cerenagee

    did Lana actually say she disliked Lorde though? I love LDR. Bitch slays

    • Godney

      No, i think the only two girls she had stated she doesnt like are Katy Perry and Gaga.
      But lorde did said she doesnt like Lana’s work.

      Oh Lana is flawless. i saw her live and she was perfect!!

      • cerenagee

        What? Agh so jealous. I’d kill to see Lana

        • Godney

          She trutly is flawless live. Her voice is amazing!. You see pictures and videos of her but they are nothing compare to how she really looks like, she looks like an angel.
          Everybody around me couldnt believe how good she looks.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Team Lana , in all honesty Lorde doesn’t have extraordinary voice but she is a talented writer and people should admit that .

  • Cici

    Music wise..Lana all the way. But Lorde is cool.

  • laura

    Lana is queen.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Lana by a landslide.

  • tbh

    What an immature cunt, act your age bitch

  • boystan

    i’m so excited for ultraviolence


    How immature. Lorde is a child whereas Lana is a grown woman. This reeks of petty high school drama. Like the anon said: act your age, bitch.

    • honesty

      Rofl at this

    • Anna

      Shut up, she didn’t even tweet it she retweeted it and its just a joke. Your the one that needs to grow up a bit. Plus Lorde isn’t a nice person to other artists and people don’t like her for it.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        lol have you seen lorde with her fans ? she is actually nice. and she never said she had a problem with ANY artist. she says her true opinion on songs, thats it.

        • Anna

          So calling David Guetta disgusting was an opinion on a song?? The fact that artists tweet their dislike for her proves my point. You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Its obvious your a lorde fan though so you’d defend her even if she actually did trash an artist, oh wait she has trashed like 30 with her obnoxious arrogance and love for herself. Oops.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            first, chill .it isnt that serious.

            lorde recently said she doesnt have a problem with any artist and i believe her. as for the david thing i really don’t care if she thinks hes gross ,that’s her opinion.why should i even care if she does trash artist ? (even though she doesn’t)
            i dont care at all.

            I Love that she speaks her mind, but thats not why im a fan. Her music is amazing and thats what it should be about.

            people try to find a flaw in artist for some reason today to drag them down.with miley its her sexuality,with taylor its her relationships and with lorde its her criticism over songs.

            this childish shit needs to stop.

          • Anna

            I’m also someone that has issues supporting someone if they aren’t nice to others, so I may like a few of her songs but she is not worth my time. Mean and arrogant people don’t deserve to be famous. And yes calling someone disgusting is really freaking rude, that shouldn’t get passed by. Also the music isn’t the most important part because their attitude in the industry is really what sinks them. Her attitude is bad, therefore this is why people don’t like her. I am allowed not to like her ya know it doesn’t make me childish. I don’t find flaws in most artists either, her flaw is just obvious like mileys. And I wasn’t making a big deal, you obviously read my post wrong. I disagreed with you, I am so sorry that I don’t share your opinion. It’s okay for people not to share your opinion and from my side your the one making a big deal over people not agreeing with you.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            Im not forcing you to like Lorde at all, but you cant judge her personality on an interview or even calling someone disgusting.(im sure you’ve though stuff like that about people)

            she was 16 at the time of the interviews and had no press training like other celebs,cut her some slack. She really is just saying whats on her mind and she has no filter.If sure at one point or another everyone has had an opinion about a song or an artist and voiced it on twitter/facebook.she was just being honest when asked a question and didnt lie like other celebrites

      • Godney

        I think the general dislike with Lorde is that she JUST came out and has talked badly about so many artist.
        You dont have to like them but you dont have to talk bad about them either.

  • YA

    So childish and immature. What is Lana? 12 years old? Makes her look like she’s unbalanced. Well. Guess she MUST be unbalanced to do this.

  • anna

    Am I the only one around here who likes Lorde a lot better than Lana?

    I don’t think Lana should have favorited that tweet. It was a gross thing to tweet to Lorde in general. Could you imagine putting that on your wrist and then having the tacs puncture deep into your skin, even poking and going through a vein and losing a lot of blood? That cephalic vein is an important one…

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      nope , i prefer lorde, but i think thats because she is so relatalbe and her lyrics feel like my life.

    • Anna

      Maybe Lorde was mean to her like she is to everyone but herself? You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes here, lordes arrogance is very obvious and it wouldn’t shock me if she wasn’t a good person.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        you reliped to yourself, was that meant for me?

  • soft ghetto

    at least lana’s being a hater lowkey unlike lorde who likes to do it publicly…

  • Clauber

    This is so stupid !, Lana is not fucking jealous of weirdo Lorde, come on

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Lorde would say something back, but shes to busy cleaning her grammy’s….

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    “Maybe Lana is jealous Lorde won two grammies with being so fresh in the industry, meanwhile her career…” omg

  • ivy

    can you please do some research. the picture is faked, lana never favourited it. go look on her profile, secondly OCEANUP – stop trying to copy perez hilton with your stupid remarks. jesus fucking christ, i swear to god i won’t come to site anymore if you keep putting your two cents worth when no one actually gives fuck about what a 40 yr old man thinks about young celebs.

  • Godney

    LMAO at people thinking Lana could be mad because Lorde has grammys!!

    Since when the grammys mean a thing?

    Milli vanilli has a grammy for god sake! lol

    • sephh

      hahah yes i love this comment