• boystan

    he’s just as messy as justin

  • boystan

    he needs to shut the fuck up

    • h

      it’s his mouth, he can say whatever the fucks he wants :)

      • RiriNAVY

        I think his ass is jealous of all the shit that comes from his mouth.

  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    I don’t think Drake’s in the total wrong. He was asked about JB; maybe he shouldn’t have answered, but he wasn’t (IMO) bashing him. Besides, not a lot of people care for JB anymore, so I doubt he thought it was a big deal. I’m bias because I’ve never been a fan of Justin, but that’s my opinion.

    • Act your age bro

      Actually everyone still cares about JB, that’s why they keep up with every breath of his just to find something bad and trash him for it, talk way too much about his private life and forget that dude’s actually talented and a good dude, only made bad decisions from who’m he’ll eventually learn. He’s soon 20, by 21 I am sure he will grow out of this shit and come back to his roots. Judge him on daily basis but he has potential, he’s music just doesn’t show off his talent too much, he sounds better when he covers songs. He actually has soul in his voice, when I heard his Christmas album I noticed, for a white guy he has rhythm, he just needs to grow up and get new friends. Meanwhile Drake needs to stop talking shit and grow the fuck up himself, what is his message? Bully teenagers and celebrities who you don’t like and talk shit about them 24/7 to stay relevant? JB has a good message he just doesn’t have a good image. He doesn’t sing about molly’s or drugs in his song or spreads hate. JB NEVER dissed any other artist even though he got hated by many, he never came off as disrespectful to anyone in industry as Drake is. Drake is full of shit and a hypocrite, believes it all from tmz about Bieber but says they lie about him and his bankrupt. He’s a fool.

      • Alli

        AMEN! I LOVE YOU!

  • HolyGround

    Lol I fee like his voice has not changed at all since Drake and Josh. He still looks like a teen. Anyways, I think he had a good point about sending out a good message, but he still talks about jb way too much.

  • anna

    Drake Bell is an idiot.

    Justin’s message to fans is to “never say never” and “believe”. And I don’t think you need to keep up with him to really know that. However, you do need to keep up with him to know that he also is about having “swag”. Which yes, imo is stupid, but Justin defined “swag” himself as “having confidence in yourself” and not as being cool and making fun of people who aren’t cool, which is what Drake Bell made it out to be. So, although a stupid word that has been around for a long time and with various meanings, Justin doesn’t make it as a bad thing.

    Not to mention, he’s trying to compare Justin to the Beatles and MJ’s messages. He said the Beatles message was love and thats what they were all about. And sure, not a bad thing, but like Justin, even though their public image tries to be positive, they also have the person they actually are, and Justin just happens to get exposed more due to social media. But if I can recall from the Beatles, although great music with great messages, the guys in the band were notorious for cheating on their girlfriends/wives, and John Lennon was not a good person


    And then with Michael Jackson, even though his message was about being nice to people…well..I think we all know about MJ and Netherland and all the drugs he was on.

    Drake Bell really should just not say anything. But its obvious he is jealous of Justins success because he thinks his lyrics are better than “baby baby baby” and that the style of hair he had before Justin came to be known as “Bieber hair”. Rather than bashing Bieber he should have tried to be positive about him (like how Aaron Carter is) and then maybe he would have had a little more success..but that ship has most likely sailed. As my mom always says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Thank you for whoever took the time out to read all this.

    • NemiStoriesFTW

      No, YOU’RE an idiot.

      I was a HUGE bieber fan. Like OBSESSED. but overtime i got over him because he just become like everyone else. He’s not different so theres nothing there that makes me attract to him. What Drake Bell said is 100% true. literally on point. im so sure teaching our generation to “believe” is smoke weed, spit on people’s faces, think you’re some hot shot because you’re famous, and get arrested. Yep, thats inspiration and an idol alright. Justin Bieber is literally like a pebble. If some bad influence comes to him he’ll move. He’s not a rock. He isnt strong enough to hold his ground which is quite unfortunate.

      on the other hand, the Beatles message was to love along with Michael Jackson. To make the world a better place. I’m a big fan of MJ and this is off topic but i HATE how he tries to compare himself as MJ. bitch sit your ass down it literally pisses me off soo much. but anyway, i agree with Drake Bell in this situation.

      • Anna

        Well, your problem was that you shouldn’t have became obsessed with a celebrity. Smoking weed isn’t something justin tweets about or promotes. Yes, he does it in his spare time and a lot of people know about it because of media, but he doesn’t promote it. A lot of people smoke weed. The Beatles smoked weed. Drake bell probably does it too. Yeah it’s illegal in most states, but given 5-10 years it’ll probably be legal in all. As for getting arrested, John Lennon and Paul McCartney has been arrested. And MJ has done a lot of drugs, including cocaine, so what makes justin any different? All of these celebrities in la are on drugs and not mentally stable. It’s the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But Justin’s music and twitter promotes love and treating people right…so maybe focus on the music rather than him as a person because you or I will never know what he is really like…so why care? Drake is an idiot for talking about him but it’s the only way drake knows to stay relevant. I mean, even radio hosts talk about Justin to him. So you’re right, Justin’s not different. He’s like every other person in Hollywood.

      • RiriNAVY

        If you were ever a huge fan you wouldn’t be stupid enough to believe he actually spat on people. And Bieber never really compared himself to Michael , like ever. Hard to believe a Bieber fan could be that naive and change their opinion based on bullshit. He’s in a bad place now, but he always had a good message before and had good role model image, he’ll go out of this phase and then you’ll ”like him” again. True fans stick around, not leave like pussy’s and move to hating. I always sticked with Eminem no matter of how much bullshit was going on and everyone hated him when he dissed MJ but I stayed because I’m a real fan and he’s my hero. You’re just a 12 year old girl who moved on to One Direction because they have cute (fake image)

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    even after hes bankrupt, seriously he needs to know when to chill the fuck out.

  • vhj

    Drake bell needs to just stop worrying about justin bieber and do his own thing. Just live your life. Focus on your own happiness. Its really not that serious.

    • jul

      he just answered a question, he doesn’t worry about him

  • Justin Sucks

    Haha I With You Dreak!!

    • Zaina777

      Really? You’re with him? Bro, you can’t even spell the man’s name properly. Learn how to do that first.

  • amanda

    He doesn’t age since 2006. He still looks the same as his drake & josh days.

  • jul

    He is right, bieber is trying to give a message to his fans and he is a fucking mess

  • Lynn

    dang, maybe its just my dirty mind, but i totally thought there was gonna be talk of another kind of slamming biebs.
    the kind of slamming Justine craves ;)
    and probably got in prison…and will continue to get when he goes back ;)

    heheheheheh :D

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ok Drake Bell. Gotta make sure to add the Bell, I don’t want him to visit OU one day and get confused on which Drake he is.

  • V

    He’s talking about Justin sending out a bad message when Drake Bell is basically bullying Justin and beliebers on social media. Why be that immature and send out the message that’s it’s okay to make fun of people?

  • Jajajaja

    Lol who cares about either of them?

  • Act your age bro

    This fucktard needs to take his own advice and grow the fuck up already. What a idiot and a bully, what’s his message? Oh if you’re irrelevant singer bash on a popular TALENTED artist and make fun of them when they’re having problems and leach off their name. What a fucking idiot, can’t believe it. Meanwhile Bieber is ignoring his psycho obsessed ass for years like a boss, keep being pathetic drake. Your career will still be shit. He thinks he’s so good, he’s not. There’s a reason he’s irrelevant. Take a fucking seat Drake.

  • Cici

    I actually 100% agree with him. & I don’t blame him for going off on beliebers when he is probably threatened by them 85390185319 times a day. He has an opinion on music, and it pretty much rests there. Everything he says is true anyways. Beliebys just hate hearing it. I personally would take Drake’s music over Bieber’s any day. I really enjoyed his first album :) #teamDB

    • Not biased at all

      I actually don’t, because Bieber’s message is something he is very uneducated about. He never spreads bad message in his music, just because he’s in a bad place now doesn’t make his entire message lame. Bieber never took ‘swag’ so seriously like his haters, he joked about it. And honestly, Drake thinks he’s the shit and so much better but he’s nothing special, his voice is ok nothing that good and just because he plays instruments he thinks he’s the best musician. JB also plays 3-4 instruments but he doesn’t go around and diss everyone and think that makes him a musician. I’d actually take Bieber’s last album over all Drake’s songs, he’s just trying too hard to be some rock and roll star but fails. Bieber did a good job with rnb, reminded me of JT’s first solo album, I’m sure he’ll make it even better after his year off. And really, he doesn’t just have an opinion, he literally bullied Bieber and his fans many times, he’s just an immature prick.

      • Cici

        Well, because Bieber’s crazy following were sending him hate 24/7. He had the right to retaliate & take what they were saying & run with it. They brought it upon themselves. Bieber is about the “swag” & looking like a douche. You can read it all over him, and by the way he carries himself. Drake has been about the music he makes for a very long long time. I don’t think he is trying too hard to be anything because that is what naturally comes to him & what he enjoys. Because he rather find more art & lyrics in music, he is not a worthy musician? thats bullshit. No one was denying Biebs talent, because he is talented. But so is Drake.

        • Mariah

          Lmao, you just judged him by his clothes? Proves how biased you are on Bieber. He’s never taken swag that serious, only naive fools like you. And of course ”beliebers” will attack a dude who is BULLYING their ”idol” what the fuck girl? Your excuses for Drake are so pathetic, but at the end you hate Bieber too so you’ll excuse anyone trashing him. HE brought it upon himself stalking Bieber and every day talking shit about him, cannot hate on someone’s idol and except no flashback for it. And lol for fools who think you can ”dress as a douche”. No you can’t. Maybe what he does can make him a douche but clothes no. Most people who met Bieber and disliked him before said he’s actually a humble guy, Kelly Osbourne hated him before but met him and now she’s defending him on twitter. Don’t judge the book by its cover sweetie ;)

          • Cici

            As I said, by the way he carries himself. Im judging him by way more than his appearance babe, no worries :). Bieber doesn’t care about swag & isn’t a douche? okay lmao. thanks for the laugh!

  • natalia

    The answer is simply he is broke , gonna loose his house , he needs to talk about someone very famous and relevant for make money ..and the bedt way for him is talk about one who is more famos that he will ever be .

    • anon

      But he has talked about Justin for two years and counting…Clearly it didn’t work to bring him money if he is still broke

  • dimplez

    This guy needs to shut up. How is he going to talk about Justin sending a bad message to teens when the only thing he has promoted for the past 2 years is bullying. Last time I checked that is NOT A POSITIVE MESSAGE. So what Justin is smoking weed and maybe other stuff and going through some rough patches, who hasn’t. Half my school smokes weed like a religion you don’t see that being blown up every where. Justin’s music has never been about smoking weed or getting drunk, its been a basic message about believing in yourself, loving who you are, and never giving up. Last time I checked drake bell is irrelevant so why is he even being interviewed. Also justin as never compared himself to mj unless people brought it up then he would say if he ever got close to what mj did he’d be happy but he has never said he was anywhere near mj’s level. Why is everybody so deep into justin’s personal life anyways its not yours so hope out of it. Justin is a good guy and he is still the sane person he was when he got in the business. Just because he comes off as a douche doesn’t actually mean he is a one because people like Kelly Osbourne who’ve met him after that believed he was one have learnt that he’s actually a pretty good guy so lets simmer on down. For crying out loud an entire hockey team that didn’t like him even said he was a pretty cool guy after they met him. Drake really needs to go get his head checked, he doesn’t know Justin one bit but yet he is talking like he knows Justin personally and knows he is a bad guy. The only bad guy I see in this problem is drake. Another reason Justin is a good guy is because never once has he replied to drake and that takes a lot. So drake simmer yourself on down.

    • RiriNAVY

      Preach. It’s amazing how people who actually meet Bieber change their opinion ! Like Kelly hated Bieber, but after 1-2 nights and hanging out with him and his friend she defends him on twitter and says good stuff. I read about that Hockey team and someone posted their tweets before and after meeting Bieber. I guess Bieber is just misjudged and hated just because he’s Bieber, half of celebs aren’t saints but get pass doing the same he does. DUI is bad, but I’m talking about other stuff. But fuck em haters, I disliked Bieber at first he was too childish, but I gave him a chance and liked his music since Believe, he can even rap good, I mean better then Lil Wayne for sure smh. He’s mad talented and just needs to get his act together, 12 year olds who left him for his ”bad reputation” aren’t needed, he’ll gain older audience if he matures his music AND behavior. He has an entire year for it, we’ll see.

  • Zaina777

    Drake I love you bro….but sit down with this Bieber shit. I dislike Bieber just as much as the next person but I don’t talk about the kid as much as this man does. Drake should follow Josh’s lead and guest star or even sing again that will get his money back in no time.

    I agree though Bieber does send out the wrong message no matter how human he is. He is still considered a role model and he is deciding to act like a total punk. He shouldn’t not be glamorizing drugs and drag racing to little kids, Kid should reevaluate his life plans and pronto. His life is a fucking mess and it’s all on him.

    • Cici

      I agree Drake should chill out, but in his defense he is being attacked and he was asked a question regarding it. It’s not like he got up there & just randomly started ranting..something like Kanye would do haha.

      • AA

        at the same time he doesnt have to answer every question, he could of said, you know what i dont want to talk about this any more and just sung.

        now he is known for ALWAYS bringing up bieber,and bashing him.

    • Mariah

      Lmao, he doesn’t go around and promote weed and alcohol in those kids faces girl. And take pictures of himself smoking it like Rihanna or Wiz and many other celebs, his message is the same but he still does do some stupid shit in his PRIVATE time. That is no ones business and he’s allowed to live his life and have fun, parents should raise their kids not some pop star. And lol you don’t talk about him you’re on every article judging him and taking every breath he takes as something bad as an excuse to trash him. Girl Bye ;)

      • Zaina777

        Yes, because he was never an innocent little boy that people looked up to. Really bro?

  • laura

    If only he’d stop saying like and you know so much because it makes him sound just as stupid as Bieber. Anyway, I do agree with him 100% though. But I think it can be applied to multiple celebs out there.

    • Mariah

      Saying ”like” doesn’t make anyone stupid.

      • laura

        I said it makes him SOUND stupid, learn to read. I also said it’s because he says it too often because a sentence with 5 ‘likes’ in it isn’t exactly a good sentence.

  • sadsadsad

    Justin Bieber is alot of things but at least he doesn’t spend his entire career bashing other people. Drake Bell needs to grow up. Even though he was asked a question he could have said I don’t want to talk about it anymore but he obviously wouldn’t because he appreciates the attention he garners.It’s sad and pathetic. If he spent a fraction of the time worrying about justin bieber on his music and his art maybe he would be a tiny bit successful. I feel sorry for him honestly. Life is way too short to be worrying about someone else’s life. Live your own to the fullest.

  • heather

    All the beliebers are going to disagree but i don’t think i could have said it better than Drake.

  • Zoe

    He says all the truth!