Nick Jonas Shirtless W/ Olivia + Pedicure

nick-jonas-shirtless-olivia9nick-jonas-shirtlessnick-jonas-pedicurenolivia-spa-datenoliviaaaaNick Jonas hides shirtless body and gets a pedicure in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. + Shirtless Nick pictured holding his soon to be wife Olivia Culpo in a super hot bikini in the ocean today. Via ‏@ZBlackIsReal. Nolivia Jonas <3 [gallery ids="300230,300229,300222,300203,300218,300219,300223,300221,300224,300225,300226,300227,300228"]

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  • boystan

    i hate feet

  • anonymous


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    ‘Nick Jonas hides shirtless body ‘ he must have saw y’alls commets about his chest.

    • anon

      lol i think his body is alright, i like his arms and shoulder. that basically makes up for his moobs which arent that bad to begin with.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        i agree , i think he looks good:)

  • cerenagee

    he looks very relaxed and happy

  • Q

    Well joe jonas is back to United States NYC or maybe LA

    • threelittlebirds

      how do you know this?

      • Q

        well i dont see news post of joe jonas in that place

  • anon

    i like nolivia because people are so bitter over nick having a girlfriend and everytime they get spotted they bitch about them. Plus most of the nolivia haters are janda stans so it’s funny that they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.

    • elena gomez

      Is not bitter is just that we can tell Olivia is fake, i don’t like her, there is something bout her that I just can’t explain.

      • K

        There is something about her and every other girlfriend he has… that you all just can’t explain. Hmm

        • anon


          • elena gomez

            Well for one she does looks fake. I’m sure we all can see that.

    • Anna

      its honestly just cause they wish nick wasnt so shallow and would go for their chubby short fat asses.
      but he won’t. so they bitch when he’s with a GORGEOUS person like Olivia. and make shit up about her being fake, and using him, and this and that.

      they cant stand that they’ll NEVER know him. and he’ll never ever be interested in some pathetic angry little troll like them :/

      • anon

        Hi olivia how’s the vacation nick’s paying for?

  • elena gomez

    lol @ you Ocean up hahaha soon to be wife? lol exactly what you said about Nick when he was with Delta! lol

  • Cici

    Such a cutie

  • hntgth

    why nick is there ? sorry but he always travel to his country but not other country because is odd

  • JonaticJoseph

    please leave olivia alone, if you wanna bitch about…then go loose your temper on blanda that horse

  • :)

    honestly in shock, theres not a single pic of him boozing it up or smoking a bit fat cigar.
    gotta be some sort of record …. it’s been what, 1 or 2 weeks since we’ve last had pics of him doing either/both of those?!?!?!?!

    probably too busy banging olivia in hotel rooms ;) heheh who can blame him, she’s gorgggggggg :)
    good for him ;)

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    i just had shower

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