Olivia Holt Debut Album THIS YEAR?

olivia-holt-websiteDisney Channel actress Olivia Holt Starpulse interview. Olivia on leaving Disney XD’s Kickin’ It where she played Kim Crawford: ‘I’m hoping that [in] season four, she’ll return for a few episodes. Working with Disney is really and truly like working with a family. Everyone is so supportive and so wonderful.

I’ve worked with Disney since I was twelve and they’ve given me so many opportunities that I’ll forever be grateful for. Disney holds this official fan club meet and greet called d23 every few years, and it’s an absolute ball.

I’ve been twice and every time I go, I get just as hyped as the fans do. It’s so fun to meet people who love watching what you love making. It’s truly so heart-warming and I love my fans.’

What’s next?: ‘I’ve been working on my music a lot recently, which had been a big step for me, considering I’ve spent so much time with the show that I haven’t really had a chance to work on another passion of mine, which is music. I hope to have an album out by this year and also to have worked on a film. [I’m] starting to set goals for myself and [my] career.’


  • smb

    Beautiful talented girl.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Ugh, so now every single disney girl sings too.what the hell did Hilary create?


  • Cici

    of course.

  • Cici

    it’s like they’re given a script for each interview so they all say the same damn things. “Music is my passion” …bullshit.

    • threelittlebirds

      i feel every disney girl has said the same thing.

  • boystan


  • cerenagee

    could they have photoshopped her skin tone any fucking more? god damn

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    And this isn’t surprising, every Disney kid tries to sing.