Taylor Swift In Bed W/ Meredith & Friend

Taylor Swift playing with Meredith and a friend in her bed and baking cookies. Taylor is also very interested in Olympic skater Gracie Gold and wanted to know when she competes in the Olympics.


  • cerenagee

    I see my husband Blake griffin on the background<3

    Taylor's cat is cute though haha.

  • Hollyhysteria

    I need her cat.

  • Casey

    If she’s “so” into the Olympics like she says, then how come she doesn’t know that Gracie Gold has already competed? lol

    • Swifties 4 TayTay

      Umm she’s obviously not into the Olympics as a whole, if shes just tuning into watch Gracie. Cause Gracie’s her fan. And some of the athletes competes in more than one events hence her Google search.

  • boystan

    she’s so cute i’m gonna kms